Resistant gonorrhea is no joke!

A couple of weeks ago I reached out to a friend I hadn’t hear from for a while. We always traded sex stories and tips on Southeast Asian sex workers on a regular basis. It was weird

The 11 best Thai porn websites

Thai chicks have a reputation as being hot to trot. I think it’s a little exaggerated. A lot of Thai women work in bars and massage parlors visited by foreigners, but most are in it more for

The 8 Best Filipina Porn Sites

Porn is officially banned in the Philippines, but you’d probably never know that unless you actually looked up the laws. That’s because a lot of people in the country watch porn on their phones and more than

Having sex in a bar in Phnom Penh

Would you believe me if I told you I was regularly having sex in a bar in Phnom Penh for months? It’s true. Once or twice a week when I was in town I would stop in

Cheap prostitutes at Wat Phnom in Phnom Penh

Today I’m going to tell you about cheap prostitutes at Wat Phnom. While I admittedly love the best things in life including places like high end sex saunas, I am definitely not above rolling around in the

Smooci expands to Berlin

The headline says it all. In October the innovative online escort booking platform Smooci expands to Berlin. I just found about this news which confirms my earlier prediction that Smooci would continue to expand all over the

200 Baht Blow Jobs on Bush Mountain in Pattaya

Bush Mountain in Pattaya is a kind of beat up old hill where some worn out old broads are known to give blowjobs for as little as 200 Baht. That’s the equivalent of $6.10 in US dollars.

Review of Prostitute Movies

I have been wanting to post a review of Prostitute Movies for a while. Today I finally have the time to give this incredible website the attention it deserves. Since you’re here on my website I am

Where to buy Viagra and Levitra in Cambodia

It’s not hard to buy erectile or any other medication in Cambodia. Finding where to buy Viagra and Levitra can be a little more difficult if you don’t know the ropes. It’s not like there’s a directory