How to date and have sex with women in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the biggest countries in the world in terms of population. And since Vietnamese women are usually good looking, that means there are tons of sexy women in Vietnam. As I will show, getting

Why you should never buy a condo in Southeast Asia

You should never buy a condo in Southeast Asia under any circumstances. After spending so much time in the region I am positive about this. Because I bounce around so much, I have gained a lot of

Is Germany better than Thailand for sex?

Is Germany better than Thailand for sex? Some people would probably scoff at the mere suggestion. Thailand is a world renown holiday destination with entire cities like Pattaya known for being full of prostitutes. Germany is a

Having sex with regular women in Cambodia

Cambodia has a lot of problems. Some of the most recent include extended daily power outages driven by unbridled development. But something always brings me back. I have been visiting the country regularly for many years. And

Review of Rio Sauna in Macau

As you might be able to tell, I recently returned from another trip to Macau. I figured that I might as well review some Macau saunas. I wanted to do it years ago. But in retrospect, I

Review of Familia Nobre in Macau

Familia Nobre is one of the male sex saunas in Macau. It is a fairly big place with a lot of room and plenty of women inside. For some reason, it seems to be one of the

Women in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The women in Siem Reap aren’t waiting around to throw themselves at foreign guys with money. The city is the most visited in Cambodia thanks to its location next to the famous Angkor War temple complex. And

Review of King Cross in Jakarta

King Cross is one of the big men’s clubs in Jakarta. It has several floors filled with various kinds of entertainment from men. That includes everything from a full body massage to sexy dancers and a fishbowl.

Where to meet the Thai porn star Tittiporn

The Thai porn star Tittiporn is one of the most amazing Asian women to have ever had sex on video. The all natural 32DDD cup is really a sight to behold. With her tight body, golden brown