A flight attendant’s friend got me laid in Bangkok

A flight attendant’s friend got me laid in Bangkok. I was just minding my business in the airport when she told me that her friend liked me. I saw the friend who looked shy but laughed. So

I fucked another Japanese MILF

I just fucked another Japanese MILF. Well, she wasn’t really a MILF in the technical sense because she never had a baby. But she was in her forties. So it would probably be more accurate to describe

I fucked a German prostitute in Thailand

Here’s another tale from the From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr Lorenzo Enz about the time I fucked a German hooker in Thailand. You probably wouldn’t expect to find a German prostitute in the land of smiles.

I fucked a hot Thai granny

Guys, I have an admission to make. I fucked a Thai granny. I don’t regret it at all. Because even though she had a couple of grey cunt hairs, she had a curvy full body. And she

Tijuana sucks

I have been writing about my travels and sexual exploits for years now. A couple million of you have even read my maniacal rantings. Out of that group quite a few have asked me about Tijuana. It

A hotel maid grabbed my dick

A hotel maid grabbed my dick. This was no creepy power play type of stuff either. I respect people who are trying to make a living. And although I am as horny as they come I have

I screwed a Slovak chick in Cambodia

Cambodia has turned into a sort of sexual hot spot for me over the last few years year. First I screwed that Vietnamese chick doing the temple tour. Then I fucked that Thai chick in Siem Reap.

How to make sex with a condom feel good

How can you make sex with a condom feel good? It’s tough. You are ready to go, then you unroll that thick rubber sock over your fuck stick and things start to go numb. You put it