Getting $30 BBFSCIP in Pattaya

What would you say if I told you that I got BBFSCIP in Pattaya for just thirty bucks last year? Well, first you might ask me what BBFSCIP is if you’re not hip to the internet slang.

How Will Virtual Reality Impact Relationships?

In today’s world, there are several factors which are changing how human interactions are carried out when compared to those in the past. Three of the most crucial elements are the internet, technology, and social media. Any

Esute sex massage in Japan

Esute massage is some kind of mixed up term with foreign influence that has entered the Japanese language. That makes sense, because most esute sex massage is done by foreign women. These are the numerous black market

Foreigner friendly soaplands in Japan

Foreigner friendly soaplands in Japan are like a holy grail for horny gaijin. The world famous nuru nuru massage complete will all over licking and full service is like the pinnacle of sexual service. They say “the

Honey Girls in Hong Kong

Honey Girls in Hong Kong are some of the best looking prostitutes you can find anywhere in my opinion. I always find it strange that no one really seems to talk about them in English. Meanwhile, there’s

Is Amsterdam overrated?

Is Amsterdam overrated? It would depend on who you ask, and which rating you are talking about. To be concise and general though, I would say that it is definitely overrated. Of course, travel is great. And

Cheap Brothels in Cambodia

Cheap brothels in Cambodia are plentiful. As the description suggests, they’re also quite inexpensive. We’re talking about places where sex can be had for as little as five dollars. These aren’t the places most foreigners go to.

Fishbowl massage in Phnom Penh

Fishbowl massage in Phnom Penh is a pretty common thing that doesn’t get much attention in English. Of course Phnom Penh is not like it used to be when tons of hotels and even restaurants had their

The five cheapest places to get sex in Asia

What are the five cheapest places to get sex in Asia? I’ve made a list that includes prices in local currency and US dollars. It’s no secret that prostitution is common across Asia. Sure, Asian women can