How porn saves money and time

Someone asked me why I write about porn on this site when I say I get so much sex. Well, I don’t just say I get a lot of sex. I do. Hardly a day goes by

Asian tourists are easy

Here’s something I have learned over years of extensive travel and even more extensive fucking. Asian tourists are easy. I know it’s not right to stereotype and this is not going to apply to everyone. But in

Asian MILFs are great at sex

Today is mother’s day in America. Call me a cynic but this date always makes me think of the empty commercialism that permeates there. Tens of millions of guys have already lined up to hand over their

Which Asian country has the women with the best bodies?

Here’s a deep burning question that could keep any man up at night. Which Asian chicks have the best bodies? To put it another way, where in Asia can you find the best boobs, butts, or overall

Stop cumming in Filipinas

I just talked to some Filipina chick I fucked a bunch of times in Manila years ago. She hit me up randomly asking for help for baby formula. It turns out some German dude knocked her up

One tip to pick up women anywhere in the world

I’ve been living a constant life of travel and sex for many years. When I turned 19 I went on the road and never looked back. It has been one hell of a ride, and it’s still

Asian massage chicks are awesome

Asian massage girls are great. In fact, they are more than great. Without going into a 1990’s retro kick, I would even say they are awesome. You know, like nude selfies. Though I won’t go as far

The 5 best Cambodian porn sites

There is really no Cambodian porn to speak of, but the story isn’t that simple. For centuries Cambodian women walked around with their tits out. That unfortunately ended when the French showed up with their bullshit version