Sick US culture has infected Latin America

If the US was ever great it sure ain’t no more. It’s no secret that America has been spinning down the drain and inching closer to cesspool status every day. It’s one of the reasons I left

The hottest chick I ever fucked disappeared

A couple of years ago I met one of the best looking women I have even seen. A few hours later I was fucking her. She was perfect from head to toe. In fact her toes looked

The best Ahegao porn stars of all time

Ahegao is a Japanese term for a cross eyed dazed out facial expression. It comes from Japanese hentai comics and is intended to express a complete emptying of the mind usually caused by intense female orgasm. Somehow

Costa Rica is overrated

Costa Rica is overrated. A lot of people rave about how great it is. You especially hear a lot of this from older dudes from certain parts of the United States. Supposedly it is cheap, the women

The 5 best black porn stars of all time

It has taken me almost eight years to write this list of the 5 best black porn stars. But that’s not because I’m not into black porn! I have jacked an untold number of loads out to

I had sex with the landlord’s daughter

Lately I have been writing about some of my greatest hits. I have fucked almost a thousand women at this point. And my cock in even more mouths. But some of the sexual adventures stand out more

The 8 Best African Porn Websites

This list of the best African porn websites has been a long time in the making. I have been watching African porn for years. And I have always wanted to share it with my sex loving friends

I don’t shave my balls

I don’t shave my nut sack. I never have and I never will. I know it is all the rage or even considered “regular” in the good old US of A to have bald balls. But I