It’s easy to have sex in Vietnam

I originally wrote this post for Monger Planet. But since that website disappeared I am posting it here. I don’t go as far back as some old hands. But I’ve been spending most of my time in

I fucked my Thai taxi driver

Today I am going to tell you about the time I fucked my Thai taxi driver. Now before you ask this was not one of the burly Thai guys that drives the colorful cabs in Bangkok. Nor

The easiest city to have sex in the Philippines

What is the easiest city to have sex in the Philippines? This is a question I can definitely answer. After traveling the world for years I have spent a lot of time in Southeast Asia. I’ve moved

Are Malaysian women really conservative?

How conservative are Malaysian women? Lots of guys go there and enjoy the nightlife. Sure it is a Muslim majority country. But so Indonesia is the largest Muslim majority country on earth. And there’s plenty of fun,

I fucked a Thai go go dancer for free

Some guys will tell you that Thai women are hardcore gold diggers who are all about money. The truth is that Thai chicks are humans like me and you. Some are greedy and some are not. I

I fucked a fat chick in Jakarta

I fucked a fat Indonesian chick in Jakarta. I did her bareback. I fucked her in multiple positions for about 20 minutes. Then I pulled out my slippery wet cock and shot several strings of thick cock

I creampied a super sexy hooker in Jakarta

I have had sex with a lot of women. After embarking on a life of travel at the age of 19 I have fucked my way around the globe. At this point I’ve done it all form

Weird things about prostitution in Japan

There are some very weird things about prostitution in Japan. Even after spending lots of time there and meeting tons of Japanese sex workers I still can’t get over how utterly odd some of the stuff that