I got fucked in the ass

Well guys, it happened. I got fucked in the ass. I hope you won’t lose respect for me after reading this. It is just one of the many things that has happened to me in Asia. It

I fucked an Indonesian MILF in Amsterdam

I fucked a pretty good looking Indonesian MILF in Amsterdam. It happened almost by accident. I didn’t set out to screw an older Asian lady that day. But it just sort of happened. I always live by

The best Venezuelan porn stars of all time

I made this list of the best Venezuelan porn stars to prove a point. There’s no justice in the world. Some people are born into wealth. Others are born into misery. Things don’t get any fairer after

I screwed a Vietnamese MILF in Malaysia

I recently had sex with an incredibly well built and passionate Vietnamese MILF in Malaysia. Although the entire encounter only lasted the span of one night, it ended up being one of the most memorable experiences of

A complete list of prostitute prices by country

I have spent a lot of time around the sleaziest parts of the world. And some of the sleaziest websites. Still I haven’t been able to find a really accurate and up to date list of prostitute

Happy ending massage in Singapore

Happy ending massage in Sinagpore is pretty easy to find. Sure, it’s no Thailand. But in some ways that can be a good thing. You don’t have to worry about slipping on a grease slick or tripping

The 5 best gang bang porn stars of all time

The best gang bang porn stars can screw an entire room full of guys in a single session. But that’s not all. They are also able to make an entertaining performance out of the whole thing. Lots

The best 5 MILF porn sites

It seems like more dudes are into MILFs now than ever before. What started out as a sort of joke or occasional experience has transformed into a well established trend. Millions of men now seek out older