Where to buy Levitra and Viagra in Pattaya

Today I’ll tell you where to buy Levitra and Viagra in Pattaya. You might think it would be easy to just walk in and grab pills off a shelf. But it’s not. Sure you can walk into

The five best bars on Soi 6

Soi 6 is now internationally known. It used to be something that nasty guys joked about in a knowing kind of way. Now regular old boring tourists are starting to scope it out. It’s pretty annoying but

Red light districts in Busan

Seoul is the biggest city in South Korea. More than half of the population lives there. And a lot of foreigners never go to any other part of the country. Busan is the second biggest city. The

How to avoid ladyboys on Tinder in Manila

Have you ever used Tinder in Manila? Just a couple of years ago there weren’t that many people on it. Then it blew up and became super popular. But now it’s filled with ladyboy profiles that you

KTV Gentlemen’s Clubs in Manila

The KTV Gentlemen’s Clubs in Manila are set up as places for guys to relax and have a good time with beautiful women. They’re not particularly designed for foreigners. But they don’t exclude guys who aren’t Filipino

Nuru massage in Manila

Nuru massage continues to be grow in international popularity. I see mention of it all the time now. It makes sense to me. Who doesn’t want to have a fully nude woman sliding her wet body against

What no one tells you about being an expat in Southeast Asia

It seems like its more popular than ever to be an expat in Southeast Asia. Maybe I just think that because I spend so much time in this part of the world. So my bias might lead

Hong Kong prostitutes on 141

Hong Kong is one of the most well known cities in the world. And it has been for a long time. I don’t think Hong Kong prostitutes have much to do with that. But maybe they should.

Brothels in Yangon

Yangon isn’t the capital of Myanmar anymore. But it is still the biggest city in the country. So it’s also home to a lot of prostitution. There may be some towns in the far north with more