I went to a swinger club in Tokyo

I went to a swinger club in Tokyo. Actually, I have gone to a few. I once went in a group. Another time I went as couple with a Japanese woman. A few times I even showed

The 5 best deep throat porn stars of all time

Deep throat porn is one of the most enjoyable things on earth. Porn is one of the best things you can lay eyes on. Deep throat porn is then the best of both worlds. The best deep

Happy ending massage in Singapore

Happy ending massage in Sinagpore is pretty easy to find. Sure, it’s no Thailand. But in some ways that can be a good thing. You don’t have to worry about slipping on a grease slick or tripping

Legal prostitution in Japan in 2024

After a brief stumble, Japan is back in action. I may be over South Korea but I will always love the land of ramen noodles and Hello Kitty. Especially since things have reopened to me as a

Which STDs can you get in Thailand?

After a long partial closure, Thailand has now opened to some tourists. Thousands of guys have already started entering the country. Thousands more will head there soon. I am not a travel expert but I can guess

What does AF mean in Japan?

If you have even a passing interest in Japanese prostitution or Japanese porn you may have seen the term “AF”. You might also wonder what it means. While things are never exactly straightforward in this department I

My review of Tokyo Amateur Escorts in Japan

In my experience Tokyo Amateur Escorts is one of the better escort agencies in Japan. Especially if you are a foreigner. When you’re walking around Tokyo you see so many sexy chicks. You see tons of sex

Nuru massage in Bangkok

There are a lot of great places to get a nuru massage in Bangkok these days. The overall scene in Bangkok has been in a sort of decline for a while. But the nuru massage action is