The price of sex in South Korean red light districts

Prostitution is illegal in South Korea but no one seems to care. There are tens of thousands of prostitutes in South Korea. Millions of South Korea men pay prostitutes for sex. And prostitution accounts for almost 2

Review of Tokyo Hentai Club

Tokyo Hentai Club is probably the most popular escort agency in Japan for foreigners. Japan is home to a famously huge sex industry that includes everything from oppai pubs to peep shows. But non-Japanese men are excluded

The hottest Colombian chicks are in Panama

What if I told you that the hottest Colombian chicks are actually located in Panama? Wouldn’t that sound strange? Well at least at first. Then you start to consider that Panama is basically an American protectorate where

Is Colombia overrated?

Is Colombia overrated? A lot of guys consider Colombia to be the source of some of the hottest women on earth. Living there is cheap. I can’t argue with that at all. And there sure are lots

How to find bisexual and lesbian prostitutes in Thailand

Thailand is world famous for prostitution. Even though some people want to promote it for beautiful beaches or temples the fact is that a sizeable chunk of people that visit Thailand go there to meet women. There

How I got a threesome with 2 black chicks from Tinder

I recently had a threesome with 2 black chicks that I met from Tinder. It was far from the best threesome I ever had. But it was fun. Plus both of the chicks had nice bodies and

I got a $3 public blowjob in Colombia

I have had a lot of sex. Some of it was weird and adventurous. Looking back some of it was even stupid. But luckily I am still alive and I don’t have AIDS. So I can tell

I fucked the Vietnamese mamasan

In 2014 I made this site and gave it the slogan “screw the whole world.” In the 7 years since I have had sex with hundreds of women all around the world. So I am living up