I’m a regular Western guy. Well, for the most part. Sure I have my quirks, but doesn’t everyone?

When I was 19 years old I realized that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life slaving away in a job just for the possibility of retiring into obscurity and nothingness at some ripe old age with a wife as old as me. Why give your life away to a company for the grand reward of waiting to die in a barcalounger? Even that assumes you’ll stay employed for life and actually get a pension, both things that seem to get rarer as time goes on.  Not to mention staying married. Divorce rates are now well over fifty percent in my homeland.

Rather that work my life away I decided that I wanted to pursue the thing that I love most: women. Popular wisdom says that men need money to get women. I’ve found that this is only partially true. Popular wisdom also says that guys should settle down and get married but the sky high failure rates for that old institution seem to indicate something else.

In my experience, a guy only needs enough money to pursue women effectively. How much money a guy needs depends on the method of pursuit and the women he’s after. For example, you can’t use a smart phone dating app to find women if you can’t afford a smartphone. You can’t take a woman to the movies if you can’t afford the movie ticket either. Some women simply won’t go out with a guy who doesn’t have a certain amount of wealth. Some women outwardly offer sex for money.

There are millions of women around the world who are willing to date and do more with a guy without any real money whatsoever. I’ve proven that. But in my quest to expand my field of vision I’ve also found the women who want money either directly or indirectly. Out of necessity I discovered ways to generate income while traveling around the world in search of tail. So I’ve been with women from all ends of the spectrum. I’ve straight up paid for my share of action but I’ve also scored free action from women who usually sell it and done everything else in between from one night stands to orgies. I’ve been everywhere man…

I’m open to what comes especially if it involves me coming. I have my likes and dislikes but I’m willing to try most things at least once. You only live once as they say.

Obviously the focus of this website is to detail my ongoing adventures that are largely driven by the quest for coochie. Although that is a large part of what drove me away from the traditional grind it definitely isn’t the only thing. I don’t even think I’m necessarily any more interested in sex and women than most guys are. I’ve just pursued my thoughts and fantasies and went wherever they led me. I’ve run into a lot of problems, but I’ve also had a lot of wonderful unexpected experiences. I’ve been down and out and on top of the world, sometimes within hours.

All of this is being documented here on this website. Mysexpedition is an ongoing tale of travel, lust and maybe even a little love. It’s meant to entertain adults looking for something a little out of the norm. It’s yours to enjoy and explore.

I do place advertisements on this website from time to time with the goal of earning a little money for myself. I do not record any personal information from the people who visit this website. If you have any questions you’re free to comment on the posts made here or simply contact me.

That’s it.

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