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The 5 best cam websites

These days the best cam sites earn millions of dollars. Top cam models can make tens of thousands of dollars in a single month or more. Porn is as popular than every but most of it is

Grandpa caught the clap and you can too

I’ve been living a life of constant travel and sex for years now. If you’ve been reading this site you already know that. You might have read about some of my more risky adventures too. Like the

There’s no inflation on hookers

By now everyone knows about the widespread inflation hitting the western world and extending out like so many indiscriminately dropped barrels of Agent Orange. Whether you are buying a car, a house, some gasoline, a computer, or

Porn only sucks if you’re not getting sucked

Sometimes I amaze myself. Like today when I realized that my own basic thoughts on porn and sex were verified by a genuine bona fide scientific study. The study is called “The Role of Discrepancies Between Online

Hitomi Tanaka has retired from porn

Guys, I have some bad news. Hitomi Tanaka has announced her retirement from porn. Although I haven’t jacked a wad of spunk out to her material for quite a while I am nonetheless saddened. First Maria Ozawa

Review of Exotic Massage Bangkok

Now that things are looking more normal in Thailand, there are many options for me to mingle with Thai chicks. Especially in a city like Bangkok which has always had a lot of adult entertainment. Even though

The 5 best Colombian porn websites

Trying to find the best Colombian porn sites is sort of like trying to find the longest noodle in a bowl of ramen. Sure there is a ton of Latina porn out there. But very little of

The fake soup shop selling sex in Thailand

Today I am going to tell you about the fake restaurant that is really a brothel. This place is located in northern Thailand. And it is not even unique. There are actually a couple of these joints