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Where to meet the Thai porn star Tittiporn

The Thai porn star Tittiporn is one of the most amazing Asian women to have ever had sex on video. The all natural 32DDD cup is really a sight to behold. With her tight body, golden brown

Where to get PEP in Southeast Asia

Do you know where to get PEP in Southeast Asia? If you plan on having sex with a lot of women in the region, maybe you should. This stuff could literally turn out to be a lifesaver.

Hands-on go go bars in Pattaya

Hands-on go go bars in Pattaya allow for more mileage than regular agogos. In other words, you get more bang for your buck. Go go bars are usually a good time. When you’re watching sexy Asian women

Hands-on go go bars in Bangkok

The hands-on go go bars in Bangkok are a cut above the rest. Sure, it’s always nice to watch hot Thai chicks dance around in bikinis or even nothing at all. But it’s even better if they

The last of the old school BJ bars in Bangkok

A guy once made a comment on one of my posts lamenting the disappearance of “all the hot fucking girls” from porn. That got me thinking of the BJ bars in Bangkok. Porn and blowjob bars. The

The three best Gentlemen’s Clubs in Pattaya

With so many options it is sort of tough to narrow down the list to the three best gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. It took some thinking and even more ground work. But I think I have finally

Gentlemen’s Clubs in Pattaya

Gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya don’t get much attention. That’s both a blessing and a curse. Part of the fun of the places is the privacy and intimacy they offer. Yet they are relatively cheap places where your

Review of 7-HEAVEN blowjob lounge in Bangkok, Thailand

7-HEAVEN blowjob shop is one of the best in Bangkok. There are a ton of blowjob bars in Bangkok. Even if you went to a different one every day it would take you over a week to

Where to buy Levitra and Viagra in Pattaya

Today I’ll tell you where to buy Levitra and Viagra in Pattaya. You might think it would be easy to just walk in and grab pills off a shelf. But it’s not. Sure you can walk into