How and Where to Find Sex in Thailand Archive

There’s no inflation on hookers

By now everyone knows about the widespread inflation hitting the western world and extending out like so many indiscriminately dropped barrels of Agent Orange. Whether you are buying a car, a house, some gasoline, a computer, or

Review of Exotic Massage Bangkok

Now that things are looking more normal in Thailand, there are many options for me to mingle with Thai chicks. Especially in a city like Bangkok which has always had a lot of adult entertainment. Even though

The fake soup shop selling sex in Thailand

Today I am going to tell you about the fake restaurant that is really a brothel. This place is located in northern Thailand. And it is not even unique. There are actually a couple of these joints

I saw a guy get a blowjob in Thailand

I saw a guy get a blowjob in Thailand. Well I actually saw it a lot more than once. Even if you don’t count all the porn I’ve watched. But there was this one time in particular

I fucked a Thai nurse

I have been traveling the world for quite a while. I might settle down in a place for a few months. But eventually I move on. That doesn’t mean I move in a straight line. I do

The 15 best Thai OnlyFans chicks

Everyone knows about OnlyFans. It’s a website where women post pictures and videos of themselves for paid subscribers. Most of the pictures and videos are basically porn. That is no secret. But how many guys outside of

Sideliners in Chiang Mai

Some people think there is very little prostitution in Chiang Mai. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Some western tourists might see the pathetic Loi Kroh beer bar strip and long for Walking Street in Pattaya.

How to find bisexual and lesbian prostitutes in Thailand

Thailand is world famous for prostitution. Even though some people want to promote it for beautiful beaches or temples the fact is that a sizeable chunk of people that visit Thailand go there to meet women. There