How and Where to Find Sex in Thailand Archive

Review of Aya Massage in Bangkok

Aya Massage is a luxury erotic massage parlor in Bangkok. All the low rent basic facilities around don’t even hold a candle to the place. It’s a fantastically nice establishment with full service right on the menu.

Review of Daisy Dream in Bangkok

Daisy Dream is an upscale nuru massage parlor in Bangkok. Although the place is pretty posh it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to visit. So it offers a lot of value. Every time I go

I fucked a Thai go go dancer for free

Some guys will tell you that Thai women are hardcore gold diggers who are all about money. The truth is that Thai chicks are humans like me and you. Some are greedy and some are not. I

All about Soi 6 Pattaya bars

Pattaya, Thailand is one of the easiest places in the world to find sex but if you don’t know where you’re going you could end up wandering into a dump. Pattaya Beach Road Soi 6 is a

Go go bars are a rip off

For the most part, go go bars are a rip off. You end up spending way more money than you should. And in most cases you end up with a mediocre experience at best. I speak from

Some guy’s wife attacked a Thai hooker

By now you’ve probably already heard the tale. Some nasty cunt beat up a sex worker for having sex. To be more precise, a wife found out that her husband was going to a massage parlor in

Ola Ola massage review

Bangkok has some of the best massage parlors in the world. They’re trustworthy and cost effective. But there are a lot of massage parlors in Bangkok. I had to narrow down the field to find places I

Dozo Massage review

Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 33 is loaded with Japanese related businesses. It’s not like Little Tokyo or anything, but the street has everything from ramen restaurants to pink salon style BJ bars. So you can bet that I