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Every asshole is different

There is an age old saying. “Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink.” But this phrase is wrong in more ways than one. Some people aren’t even smart enough to come up with

Anal sex is unnatural

Anal sex is unnatural. This is a fact. Now I am not some fanatic who thinks the act of butt sex is abhorrent. But is certainly not what nature intended. Well, nature doesn’t actually intend anything. Still

The hardest places to get laid in the world

What is the hardest place to get laid in the world? If you’re a sexless dude with a shriveled dick you might think it is wherever you are right now. The truth is that there are almost

How to get deep throat whenever you want

Do you love deep throat? This question comes with just two answers. The first is yes, and it’s automatic if you’ve had your cock deep throated before. The second is no, and it can only be uttered

Cheap sex in Asia vs Latin America

Both Latin America and Asia have a lot of cheap sex on offer. I am not talking about freebies or pickups either. I am talking about cheap prostitution. When I say “cheap” I mean penis in pussy

The cheapest sex in Latin America

The cheapest sex in Latin America is also some of the cheapest sex in the world. Already low prices for prostitution can be impacted more by fluctuating exchange rates, inflation, and more. That’s how Venezuela became the

Are swingers clubs good for single guys?

Whether you are a single man or a committed guy who cheats you may be wondering if swingers clubs are good for you. Perhaps you’re a man like me who loves to fuck as much as possible.

Traveling is not hard at all

Ever since I went on the road and started my life of constant sex and travel I have been asked a lot of questions. It’s the main reason I started this website! The most common question I