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How to make sex with a condom feel good

How can you make sex with a condom feel good? It’s tough. You are ready to go, then you unroll that thick rubber sock over your fuck stick and things start to go numb. You put it

The morning after pill in Southeast Asia

The morning after pill is one of the greatest advances in modern medicine. These emergency contraceptive pills can keep a woman from getting pregnant even if they just got creampied. Single motherhood and fatherless children are sad

A complete list of prostitute prices by country

I have spent a lot of time around the sleaziest parts of the world. And some of the sleaziest websites. Still I haven’t been able to find a really accurate and up to date list of prostitute

Are prostitutes a waste of money?

Are prostitutes a waste of money? That’s for you to decide. I can only give you my viewpoint as a man who had sex with over a thousand women. I’ve purchased sex from some of those women.

Chicks really dig my Dragon dick

Anyone who has read this site knows my life is dedicated to travel and sex. At this point I’ve screwed over a thousand women. Hundreds more have had the pleasure of feeling the spurt of my hot

Why men should use sex toys

I have a lot of experience with sex and things of a sexual nature. It is my honest belief that all men should use sex toys. The weird thing is that with the possible exception of Japan,

Beware of addicts!

Pay attention guys. This is important. I have a little public service announcement to make for any male with a beating heart, throbbing dick and bank account with a positive balance. Whether you travel the world like

Are video games a waste of time?

Joe Rogan says video games are a waste of time. Who cares? Apparently some people. I only know Joe Rogan from the 1990’s when he hosted a shitty TV show where people ate roaches in an attempt