How and Where to Find Sex in Austria Archive

Strip clubs in Austria

Austria is one of my favorite places in Europe. I’ve been going there for a while now. It offers a nice respite from the crowds and outright madness of Asia, not to mention all the fresh air.

Review of Goldentime Sauna in Vienna, Austria

Last month I wrote about the sex saunas in Austria. Getting that out of the way made room for me to review specific saunas in the country. I posted about Wellcum sauna in southern Austria last year

Sex saunas in Austria

I’ve already written about sex saunas in Macau and sex saunas in Malaysia. Europe has a lot of sex saunas of its own. The sex saunas of Austria are a lot like the sex saunas of Germany.

Wellcum Wellnesshotel & Erotik FKK Sauna in Austria

There are a lot of FKK clubs in the European countries like Germany and Austria that are sane enough to realize that prostitution will exist whether or not it is officially permitted by the powers that be.