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The hottest Colombian chicks are in Panama

What if I told you that the hottest Colombian chicks are actually located in Panama? Wouldn’t that sound strange? Well at least at first. Then you start to consider that Panama is basically an American protectorate where

The easiest place to get laid in Cambodia

Do you want to know the easiest place to get laid in Cambodia? You must since you are reading this. I can definitely answer that question. But first we need to narrow things down and be a

How to meet good Cambodian women

Cambodian women are great. Good Cambodian women are top notch. “Stand by your man” is still a slogan over in the kingdom of wonder. There are more good women than good guys around, so the pickings are

I got a happy ending with my friend in the room

Handjob happy endings are widely available across Asia. I have had more than I can count. So they’re not usually that interesting to me. But recently I got one while my female friend was in the room.

Full service barbershops in Cambodia and Vietnam

I travel all the time. While I spend a significant amount of time in Asia, I do go elsewhere. Southeast Asia in particular can be really tough to deal with at times. So it’s nice to get

Getting robbed in Phnom Penh’s $3 massage parlors

Over the last few years there has been a rash of robberies at $3 massage parlors in Phnom Penh. If you pay attention to the news in Cambodia, you will see that it happens all the time.

Smooci expands through Philippines and Cambodia

Since Smooci first showed up it has expanded throughout Asia and even the rest of the world. If you remember, Smooci first popped up in Thailand back in 2017. I wrote about it here about halfway through

Having sex with regular women in Cambodia

Cambodia has a lot of problems. Some of the most recent include extended daily power outages driven by unbridled development. But something always brings me back. I have been visiting the country regularly for many years. And