How and Where to Find Sex in Cambodia Archive

The worst girlie bar in Phnom Penh

A while back I wrote about the worst go go bar in Bangkok. Now I’ll tell you about the worst hostess bar in Phnom Penh. There is some real competition in that regard so you know this

Cheap $2.50 massage in Phnom Penh

In an old post on happy ending massages in Phnom Penh I wrote last year I talked about the many 10,000 Riel massage places around. For those who don’t know, 10,000 Riel is $2.50 in US Dollars.

WeChat prostitutes in Phnom Penh

A few days ago, I wrote about WeChat prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City. There aren’t nearly as many WeChat prostitutes in Phnom Penh, but there are sex workers seeking out clients on the app. Phnom Penh

Sexy karaoke in Phnom Penh

Foreigners who live or travel to Phnom Penh usually stick to the hostess bars and happy ending massage parlors in the city when they want to pay for play. Regular local guys pick up freelancers or hit

Beer Bars in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

The Cambodian beach town of Sihanoukville is known for three things. One thing are the beaches. Some are pretty nice. For some reason more people go to the ugly dirty beaches with black water from the city’s

Freelance prostitutes in Phnom Penh

There are a lot of women on the job in Cambodia. The place has a bit of a bad reputation. Most of that seems outdated to me though. It’s like people who still imagine that New York

Hostess Bars in Phnom Penh

A few weeks ago I told you about the hostess bars in Ho Chi Minh City. The hostess bars of Phnom Penh are pretty similar. One reason might be that some of the first hostess bars were