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How to date and have sex with women in Colombia

Colombia is a huge and hugely popular country in South America. It is easy to get in and pretty easy to get around. Colombian women are world famous for being hot, sexy and outgoing. I don’t know

Is Colombia overrated?

Is Colombia overrated? A lot of guys consider Colombia to be the source of some of the hottest women on earth. Living there is cheap. I can’t argue with that at all. And there sure are lots

How I got a threesome with 2 black chicks from Tinder

I recently had a threesome with 2 black chicks that I met from Tinder. It was far from the best threesome I ever had. But it was fun. Plus both of the chicks had nice bodies and

I got a $3 public blowjob in Colombia

I have had a lot of sex. Some of it was weird and adventurous. Looking back some of it was even stupid. But luckily I am still alive and I don’t have AIDS. So I can tell

Review of Jade Palace in Medellin

Jade Palace is an erotic massage parlor in Medellin. Some may also call it a jack shack or happy ending massage parlor. I wouldn’t call it that. Because this place is more about full service than it

Review of Fase II in Medellin

Fase II is a strip club in Medellin. But it is not just any strip club. They have a set of short time hotel rooms in the building right next door. That and the fact that this

I fucked a Colombian chick on the way to a brothel

Not too long ago I was on my way to a cheap brothel in Colombia. I took an Uber and had him drop me off when we got to the address. Not right at the door but

Cheap brothels in Colombia

Prostitution is legal in Colombia. It’s also easy to find. From the street corner to high end lounges and strip clubs it’s easy to find paid sex. Some of the lowest price prostitution can be found in