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Best 7 Soaplands in Tokyo for foreigners

What are the 7 best soaplands in Tokyo? There are many soaplands in the city. Most are excellent. But not all are open to foreigners. Some Tokyo soaplands are for Japanese only. Luckily 7 of the best

Japan is back in action

After a brief stumble, Japan is back in action. I may be over South Korea but I will always love the land of ramen noodles and Hello Kitty. Especially since things have reopened to me as a

Tokyo Style Massage Review

Tokyo Style is a high end outcall massage service in Japan. As you can probably guess they’re centered in Tokyo. They don’t have an incall location. Instead they send the chicks out to hotels and apartments. They

Tokyo is the easiest city to find sex in Japan

What is the easiest place to have sex in Japan? This is a question that millions of people ask. Is it because Japanese women are just so legendary? Or, more likely, due to the international impact of

A review of every pink salon in Tokyo

Pink salons are the Japanese version of blowjob bars. These are places where you can buy a blowjob. The best thing about them is that they are totally legal and regulated in Japan. The were created to

Compensated Dating in Japan

As you probably already know, Japan is filled with sex stores of all kinds. I’ve already told you about some of the types of places around the country like pink salons where women suck cock on demand

“Happening Bar” swinger clubs in Tokyo

Happening bars are basically what swinger clubs are called in Tokyo. There are a lot of them. They are all different but they share some features. Usually there’s a locking door. Behind that there’s an actual bar

I fucked a Japanese MILF who wasn’t very sexy

I have a confession to make. I fucked an ugly old Japanese MILF. Unlike the super sexy Japanese MILF I told you about before, this woman wasn’t very sexy at all. But I would still call her