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Weird things about prostitution in Japan

There are some very weird things about prostitution in Japan. Even after spending lots of time there and meeting tons of Japanese sex workers I still can’t get over how utterly odd some of the stuff that

What does AF mean in Japan?

If you have even a passing interest in Japanese prostitution or Japanese porn you may have seen the term “AF”. You might also wonder what it means. While things are never exactly straightforward in this department I

A Japanese chick paid me to fuck her

One of the weirdest sexual experiences in my life came when a Japanese chick paid me to fuck her. Okay, it was indirect. She didn’t actually hand over cash for cock as if I was a gigolo.

Will Maria Ozawa ever do porn again?

Maria Ozawa is arguably the most internationally known Japanese AV star in history. Sure there are some chicks from Japanese porn who have taken off in certain countries like China. But Maria-chan is adored from Brooklyn to

Happy ending Thai massage in Tokyo

If you know anything about Japan, you might know that it’s filled with sexy chicks. Maybe you also know that thousands of sexy Japanese chicks work in prostitution in Tokyo. You might also know that most of

The best and worst things about Japanese chicks

What are the best and worst things about Japanese chicks? By my count something like a hundred Japanese women have made me have an orgasm in one way or another. I’ve also spent a lot of time

Can you have sex with prostitutes in Tokyo?

Can you actually pay prostitutes for sex in Tokyo? As strange as it might seem, this is a real question that a lot of guys ask. Some gaijin get confused about what they see and hear and

Where to meet Japanese chicks online

Japan is one of the ten biggest countries on earth. Half of the population is female. And a lot of those females are really hot. So you have a big pool to choose from when it comes