How and Where to Find Sex in Japan Archive

Esute sex massage in Japan

Esute massage is some kind of mixed up term with foreign influence that has entered the Japanese language. That makes sense, because most esute sex massage is done by foreign women. These are the numerous black market

Foreigner friendly soaplands in Japan

Foreigner friendly soaplands in Japan are like a holy grail for horny gaijin. The world famous nuru nuru massage complete will all over licking and full service is like the pinnacle of sexual service. They say “the

“Happening Bar” swinger clubs in Tokyo

Happening bars are basically what swinger clubs are called in Tokyo. There are a lot of them. They are all different but they share some features. Usually there’s a locking door. Behind that there’s an actual bar

The best of the best in compensated dating in Tokyo

I started down the long dark road of paying for dates months ago. I have only done it in Tokyo and, like this guy from the Simpsons, I regret nothing. I like Southeast Asia a lot, but

How to date and have sex with Japanese women

There’s no question that Japanese women are hot and desirable. There are also tens of millions of them, mostly centered in Japan itself. Japanese women have developed a reputation as beautiful, sexy and sensual beings through hundreds

Sex toy mega-malls in Tokyo

Women shouldn’t have all the fun when it comes to sex toys, but for the most part they do. Even if a guy has a Fleshlight, they are “supposed to” play with it when they’re all alone.

Further adventures in compensated dating in Japan

It’s still pretty easy for me to pick up chicks for dating or even one night stands in a lot of the world. Especially in Asia. I used to have more luck in Japan. I don’t know

How to get a free date at Universe Club

If you read this website or others like it you probably know about Universe Club. Basically, they hook horny guys up with hot chicks in Japan for a fee. In a place like Japan where few people