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Happy ending massage in Singapore

Happy ending massage in Sinagpore is pretty easy to find. Sure, it’s no Thailand. But in some ways that can be a good thing. You don’t have to worry about slipping on a grease slick or tripping

Freelance prostitutes at BRIX in Singapore

As I have explained in my post on the Geylang brothels and my more detailed book “Screw Singapore!,” prostitution is legal in Singapore. That doesn’t mean anyone can do anything they want. Singapore is a strict place

Check out my new guide to Singapore

A few months ago I published my first book. That guide to Pattaya set the stage for a whole series of “Screw” books that I plan to publish. Next on the list is “Screw Singapore: Seeking out

Orchard Towers: Four Floors of Whores in Singapore

The island city-state of Singapore is one of the richest countries in Asia and the world. Since rich people don’t like to do any real work, there are also a lot of regular and poor people around

Singapore’s legal brothels in Geylang

Like Hong Kong with it’s one-for-one brothels, Singapore is a country that is rational enough to legalize and regulate the sex trade. The result is a huge swath of a district in the city state called Geylang