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Tinder is scary as hell in America

I was home for the holidays and it reminded me why I will never move back to America. Forget the absolute shit show in everything from government to infrastructure. And the total breakdown in everything from civility

The 5 best Asian American porn stars of all time

There are tens of millions of Asian Americans. Millions more have lived and died in years past. Despite set backs and struggles Asian Americans have as a general rule established a great deal of success. Asians now

The 5 Best Asian American porn sites

Making a list of the best Asian American porn sites was tough. But I managed to pull my pants up and get it done. So now you will know where to go when you are looking to

Was Abraham Lincoln into gangbangs?

Abraham Lincoln could have been into gangbangs. Hear me out. A lot of American or English terms have entered the Japanese language. This is called “Wasei-eigo” which means something like “Japanese English words.” Usually these words correspond

The easiest cities to have sex in America

Do you know the easiest city to have sex in America? You might think of New York, Miami or Los Angeles right off the bat. And you might be right. Or you might live in the middle

Why I will never move back to America

I will never move back to America. I have been on the road for many years. And I still have some fond memories of things back home. But simply looking at the news, talking to people back

Review of Paradise Saloon in Lawrence

You might not expect much in the way of titty bars from a town like Lawrence, Kansas, which is seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The area probably wouldn’t be known by anyone outside of the immediate