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The 5 best black porn stars of all time

It has taken me almost eight years to write this list of the 5 best black porn stars. But that’s not because I’m not into black porn! I have jacked an untold number of loads out to

The 8 Best African Porn Websites

This list of the best African porn websites has been a long time in the making. I have been watching African porn for years. And I have always wanted to share it with my sex loving friends

The 5 best cam websites

These days the best cam sites earn millions of dollars. Top cam models can make tens of thousands of dollars in a single month or more. Porn is as popular than every but most of it is

Porn only sucks if you’re not getting sucked

Sometimes I amaze myself. Like today when I realized that my own basic thoughts on porn and sex were verified by a genuine bona fide scientific study. The study is called “The Role of Discrepancies Between Online

The 5 best Colombian porn websites

Trying to find the best Colombian porn sites is sort of like trying to find the longest noodle in a bowl of ramen. Sure there is a ton of Latina porn out there. But very little of

The 5 best European porn websites

European porn is significant. Some of the oldest porn we can find anywhere in the world comes from the walls of Pompeii. Alongside age-old ads for paid pussy eating and professional blowjobs stands pictures of people having

The 5 best Asian American porn stars of all time

There are tens of millions of Asian Americans. Millions more have lived and died in years past. Despite set backs and struggles Asian Americans have as a general rule established a great deal of success. Asians now

The 5 Best Asian American porn sites

Making a list of the best Asian American porn sites was tough. But I managed to pull my pants up and get it done. So now you will know where to go when you are looking to