How and Where to Find Sex on the Internet Archive

Don’t be ashamed to use sex toys

Guys, you don’t have to be ashamed to use sex toys. Women have been getting themselves over with various vegetables and other apparatuses since at least the stone age. So why is it that some dudes even

I love to watch Asian girls masturbate

My name is Lorenzo. Friends call me Enzo. I have an announcement to make: I like to watch Asian girls masturbate. I don’t care who knows it. Though that’s a lot easier to say as an anonymous

The 12 best Thai porn websites

Thai chicks have a reputation as being hot to trot. I think it’s a little exaggerated. A lot of Thai women work in bars and massage parlors visited by foreigners, but most are in it more for

The best Australian porn star of all time

Today I am going to tell you about the best Australian porn star of all time. Her name is Scarlet Chase, but you may know her by the internet screen name SecretCrush. Either way it is important

The best Lao porn sites

Laos is the name we give the Lao People’s Democratic Republic in English. Porn is the word we use for graphic portrayals of sexual intercourse. Lao porn is something we watch when we want to jack our

The 4 best Myanmar porn websites

You don’t hear much about Burmese porn. One reason is that no dedicated Myanmar porno sites exist. But that hasn’t stopped me from creating their careful curated list of the 4 best Myanmar porn websites. If you’re

The 7 best Desi porn sites

Making a list of the best Desi porn sites was one of the toughest tasks I have ever set for myself. You would think there would tons of Desi porn on the internet by now. The reality

The 5 best Cambodian porn stars of all time

Cambodian women have some of the best bodies in Asia. Yet there isn’t much in the way of Cambodian porn. The closest most people ever get to seeing sexy Cambodian chicks comes when they stumble on social