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What happened to Single Man’s Paradise?

Here is a question some people have asked me. What happened to single man’s paradise? No I am not talking about a mythical nirvana for single men. The question is about a website that existed for a

The 5 best Japanese porn websites

Japanese women are some of the hottest on earth. That is widely known. “Japanese porn” has become one of the most common search terms all over the world. There is a very reason good for that. Japanese

The 5 best Russian porn stars of all time

Listing the top five Russian porn stars of all time is no easy task. Sure it is fun to go through all the Russian women who have has sex in front of a camera. But there are

The 4 best Japanese webcam websites

It wasn’t hard to make a list of the best Japanese webcam sites. There are only a handful of cam sites that focus on Japanese chicks to begin with. And there are not exactly a lot of

Has the internet changed the way we have sex?

The internet has changed society in many ways. Both good and bad have come from it, as anyone with a few minutes to spare can tell. Or we could say that our own good and bad sides

Watch chicks cam because you can

Seasons greetings to you all. I spent my Halloween watching butt naked chicks spread their wings on cam. It was a great way to pass the evening. Even better than sipping apple cider and going around begging

The 4 best Korean porn websites

By now we all know that Korean women are hot. In fact they are some of the hottest in the world. The average chick in Seoul looks better than the best looking chick who graduated from your

The 5 best Korean porn stars of all time

Korean women are hot. At this point everyone knows that. When you see those sexy Korean idols gyrating in short shorts you only wish you could see them naked. You might even get inspired to hop on