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The hottest chick I ever fucked disappeared

A couple of years ago I met one of the best looking women I have even seen. A few hours later I was fucking her. She was perfect from head to toe. In fact her toes looked

I had sex with the landlord’s daughter

Lately I have been writing about some of my greatest hits. I have fucked almost a thousand women at this point. And my cock in even more mouths. But some of the sexual adventures stand out more

I don’t shave my balls

I don’t shave my nut sack. I never have and I never will. I know it is all the rage or even considered “regular” in the good old US of A to have bald balls. But I

Grandpa caught the clap and you can too

I’ve been living a life of constant travel and sex for years now. If you’ve been reading this site you already know that. You might have read about some of my more risky adventures too. Like the

My sister was a pissmop

Guys, I have a confession to make. My sister was a pissmop. In case you aren’t familiar with that word, let me fill you in. Piss Mops was a internet porn site that was online from 2003

The joy of edging

You may know about the Joy of Painting. But are you aware of the joy of edging? It as just as good at making you feel content and at peace with yourself and the world. It can

I saw a guy get a blowjob in Thailand

I saw a guy get a blowjob in Thailand. Well I actually saw it a lot more than once. Even if you don’t count all the porn I’ve watched. But there was this one time in particular

Whoring is fun

A chick I used to fuck recently sent me a message. It was a meme pic featuring some white pornstar looking lady in the middle of a spit roast. She had one cock in her cunt and