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Asian MILFs are great at sex

Today is mother’s day in America. Call me a cynic but this date always makes me think of the empty commercialism that permeates there. Tens of millions of guys have already lined up to hand over their

Asian massage chicks are awesome

Asian massage girls are great. In fact, they are more than great. Without going into a 1990’s retro kick, I would even say they are awesome. You know, like nude selfies. Though I won’t go as far

I just fucked 3 chicks in 2 hours

A couple of days ago I fucked three different Asian chicks in two hours. If you have been reading for a while, know me, or know the areas I hang around, this might not come as any

I spent all my stimulus money on hookers

The pandemic hit everyone hard. As an American, my reward for all the pain and suffering came in the form of two direct payments. The first for $1300 came in April 2020. The second for $600 just

I don’t have AIDS

Good news guys! I don’t have AIDS. I don’t have HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, either. How do I know? I went for my semi-annual check up just over a week ago. On Friday, a nurse

I fucked three Asian chicks at the same time today

I have been hiring out hookers in groups of two or more going back years. Although I admit it is great to be in bed with multiple women at the same time, it just isn’t that out

Life in the third world sucks

Earlier today I noticed that a brief power outage in New York became a major news story broadcast all around the world. It reminded me that I am living in the third world, and that life here

I fucked three Asian chicks today

I fucked three Asian chicks today. As I write this, the clock just hit midnight and all three pussies were penetrated within the last 12 hours. So it is actually more like I fucked three chicks in