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Why you should never buy a condo in Southeast Asia

You should never buy a condo in Southeast Asia under any circumstances. After spending so much time in the region I am positive about this. Because I bounce around so much, I have gained a lot of

What no one tells you about being an expat in Southeast Asia

It seems like its more popular than ever to be an expat in Southeast Asia. Maybe I just think that because I spend so much time in this part of the world. So my bias might lead

Hooters is horrible and doesn’t belong in Southeast Asia

I think Hooters is horrible and today I’m going to tell you why. Hooters comes from America like me. Could it be any other way? You’re talking about a country where it is legal to pay girls

Getting a blowjob at the barber shop in Phnom Penh

If you read my website regularly you already know about the blowjob barber shops in Ho Chi Minh City. What you might not know is that you can also get your cock sucked at some barber shops

How to have sex with two sisters

I recently read that there are 25 year old biological twins working at Tokyo Hentai Club in Tokyo. According to the shop, the twins will actually work together when a customer books them both as a part

I took Levitra and got rock hard erections

Over a year ago I wrote about my attempt at taking Viagra. As I stated at the time it was a disaster that left me with nothing but a bloody nose and a bit of embarrassment. I

I took Viagra and all I got was a bloody nose

I had heard all the stories about Viagra. Three hour erections, the ability to go all night long, a hard on that just wouldn’t quit. So I tried it. What I got for my troubles was pain