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I don’t care if hookers have orgasms

I am going to be honest guys. I couldn’t care less whether or not a hooker I am paying for sex has an orgasm. A lot of guys apparently feel bad or lose self esteem if they

The 5 best British porn stars of all time

If you are looking for a list of the best British porn stars of all time, then you have come to right place. After years of pain staking research and long hours of fapping I have come

A list of what I travel with

I never thought I was special. Or that anyone would care about basic stuff like what I travel with. But over the years enough guys have asked me this question to merit writing about it. So today

I got my cock sucked by 6 chicks

Six chicks sucked my dick. They did it in rotation and it went on for almost two hours. I used tell these kind of crazy stories to my buddies back home. But most of them are now

A waitress picked me up in Bangkok

Here’s a true story that seems stranger than fiction. One day a waitress in Bangkok picked me up and we went off and had sex. Yes I know this is probably hard to believe. Unless you’ve spent

I fucked a Japanese actress

I fucked a Japanese actress. No, not a porn star. I already told you about the two Japanese porn stars that sucked me off. This time I am talking about putting my cock in the pussy of

Two Japanese porn stars sucked my dick

Two Japanese porn stars sucked my dick. I don’t mean that I got a porn star experience from two regular Japanese chicks. I am being literal. Two women who have stared in Japanese porn videos gave me

I pissed off a Japanese bitch

Here is the latest news, hot off the presses. Japan reopened to tourists after two years of lockdown. I went to Japan. And I pissed off a Japanese bitch! All that in more in the latest installment