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I fucked my Thai taxi driver

Today I am going to tell you about the time I fucked my Thai taxi driver. Now before you ask this was not one of the burly Thai guys that drives the colorful cabs in Bangkok. Nor

I fucked a Thai go go dancer for free

Some guys will tell you that Thai women are hardcore gold diggers who are all about money. The truth is that Thai chicks are humans like me and you. Some are greedy and some are not. I

I fucked a fat chick in Jakarta

I fucked a fat Indonesian chick in Jakarta. I did her bareback. I fucked her in multiple positions for about 20 minutes. Then I pulled out my slippery wet cock and shot several strings of thick cock

I creampied a super sexy hooker in Jakarta

I have had sex with a lot of women. After embarking on a life of travel at the age of 19 I have fucked my way around the globe. At this point I’ve done it all form

Sleeping with two women at the same time is fantastic

I have to tell you something. Sleeping with two women at the same is incredible. It’s one of my favorite things to do. And I mean actually sleeping. Not banging two chicks at the same time, though

Fucking the skinny Asian real estate agent

I was recently watching some porn and I came across a video where a guy fucks a skinny Asian real estate agent. Just another typical porn trope right? Except that I actually did fuck a skinny Asian

I fucked a 19 year old Thai chick

In the not so distant past I rolled into a small city in Thailand and had sex with a 19 year old chick on the same night. So what? Now I am not some old geezer. But

Stop eating ass

Guys you have to stop eating ass. I don’t know when it became normal for guys to lick anus. But tossing salad isn’t a good look. There’s little to no benefit for you whatsoever and tons of