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My sister was a pissmop

Guys, I have a confession to make. My sister was a pissmop. In case you aren’t familiar with that word, let me fill you in. Piss Mops was a internet porn site that was online from 2003

The joy of edging

You may know about the Joy of Painting. But are you aware of the joy of edging? It as just as good at making you feel content and at peace with yourself and the world. It can

I saw a guy get a blowjob in Thailand

I saw a guy get a blowjob in Thailand. Well I actually saw it a lot more than once. Even if you don’t count all the porn I’ve watched. But there was this one time in particular

Whoring is fun

A chick I used to fuck recently sent me a message. It was a meme pic featuring some white pornstar looking lady in the middle of a spit roast. She had one cock in her cunt and

Whore mongering and the meaning of life

I just got news that a guy I know back home died. I went to school with him and we were good friends. At some point during school we drifted apart for whatever reason. I would see

I fucked a Thai nurse

I have been traveling the world for quite a while. I might settle down in a place for a few months. But eventually I move on. That doesn’t mean I move in a straight line. I do

I fucked a Japanese MILF who wasn’t very sexy

I have a confession to make. I fucked an ugly old Japanese MILF. Unlike the super sexy Japanese MILF I told you about before, this woman wasn’t very sexy at all. But I would still call her

I fucked the Cambodian massage lady

Do you remember when I told you about the time I got a happy ending with my friend in the room? Well several months later I went back to that same place and ended up fucking the