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I fucked three Asian chicks at the same time today

I have been hiring out hookers in groups of two or more going back years. Although I admit it is great to be in bed with multiple women at the same time, it just isn’t that out

Life in the third world sucks

Earlier today I noticed that a brief power outage in New York became a major news story broadcast all around the world. It reminded me that I am living in the third world, and that life here

I fucked three Asian chicks today

I fucked three Asian chicks today. As I write this, the clock just hit midnight and all three pussies were penetrated within the last 12 hours. So it is actually more like I fucked three chicks in

Coronavirus didn’t close any go go bars

A lot of go go bars in Thailand didn’t make through the coronavirus lockdown imposed in the land of smiles. It seems like 20 or so pretty major go go bars have gone out of business permanently.

How to dress for success with Asian women

At this point I have been with so many Asian chicks that I’ve lost count. My batting average is through the roof over here in the East. It is vary rare that I purse a woman and

Hooking up with Vietnamese chicks from Tinder

In all of my time in Asia I haven’t heard much about Vietnam or Vietnamese chicks. Apparently, Vietnam is not a big tourist market. And when tourists do go there, they often don’t return. Guys who come

Sticking my dick in 3 Asian sisters

Today I will tell you about my experience sticking my dick into three Asian sisters. To make things more interesting, two of the sisters were actually twins. This story would definitely blow the minds of my buddies

Coronavirus, condoms and cowardice

Today two Asian chicks sent me random messages. The first was from a skinny Vietnamese chick with huge tits I’ve fucked a few times over the years. It said “you’d better wear a mask and not go