A crazy Thai chick reminded me why I pay for sex

A crazy twenty one year old Thai chick reminded why I pay for sex. She did that by almost forcing her pussy onto my cock. Today I’ll tell you how it all went down. Hopefully you’ll see where I am coming from when I say I honestly prefer to transactional sex in a lot of cases. I don’t think I am alone in this either.

If you’ve read my post on dating and having sex with Thai chicks, then you know how it easy it can be. I go to Thailand pretty often. And I almost always start my trips out in Bangkok. I actually can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a date or meeting with a Thai chick lined up within hours of landing there. It really is that easy, especially with all the online options we have today.

The crazy thing is that meeting Thai chicks is even easier the further you get from Bangkok. Pattaya is the one exception as everything is about money there. But it’s even easy to date and hook up in places like Chiang Mai that are overrun with bird shit farang. Other cities that are off the radar for most foreigners are even easier. The way this story starts is a case and point.

Fresh meet

It all began when I decided to take a short trip to a random Thai city. My taxi driver actually asked me “why would you come here?” The truth is that I had absolutely no reason to go there. I honestly picked the place because I wanted to see something new. I have been to all the big cities of Thailand, with repeat visits or extended stays in the major metro areas. I just wanted to see what another part of the country was like. It’s cheap and easy to get around Thailand. Especially if you start in Bangkok. You can fly to most of the bigger cities for around 1000 Baht. When you get there, you can find cheap rooms too.

When I showed up in this random town I immediately checked into my hotel. It was big, nice and clean. I expected that in a four star hotel. But you never know in Thailand. Especially since I wasn’t spending much on the room at all. Anyway, I jumped on my phone right after I took a shower. I fired up Tinder and Thai Friendly. There were lots of chicks on Thai Friendly but most of them weren’t answering fast enough for my needs. So I started focusing more on the instant gratification of Tinder.

scary asian chick

Within minutes I matched with around twenty chicks. I started talking to them and noticed a few who were more forward than others. One wanted to meet at a local mall. She was pretty, but she seemed a bit stuck up. The other chick was 21 years old with brown skin and a nice looking body. She spoke better English too. My Thai isn’t bad at all, but I still like to be able to communicate in English.

The chick claimed she had never met a farang but always wanted a farang boyfriend. I told her maybe it could be me. Then she said she always wanted a half farang baby. I jokingly said I’d be happy to cum in her. She loved it. In fact, she was so happy that she wanted to do a video call. I know a lot of chicks do this to confirm the pictures and people are real. That was okay with me because I wanted to do the same. So I called her up on Line and we talked. She looked as good as she did in the pictures. I said we should meet and she agreed.

Things get crazy IRL

In my experience Thai chicks run late and flake out more than any group of women I have ever seen. They usually don’t think it’s a big deal either. One bitch showed up an hour late to a meeting in Bangkok a few months ago. Then she had the nerve to get angry that I didn’t wait for her. She said I was too serious for Thai people. I laughed and then blocked her forever.

The 21 year Thai chick seemed super eager to meet. I set the time and place and she agreed. I made the meeting a few hours off so I could check out what the town had to offer. We were supposed to meet in front of my temporary room at nine. I ended up finding a karaoke and sitting with a bunch of hot Thai chicks. They were a lot of fun. I almost called off the meeting. Especially when the chick kept asking me to confirm the time and place by text over and over. But eventually she showed up at 9:45. I left the karaoke when she told me she was there. So I showed up at about 10:00. I was late, but that was better than waiting around for forty five minutes like a dick.

The chick looked pretty good, but not as good as she did in the pics and video. She was fresh and petite with no tattoos or weird color hair. She did look eerily similar to Mook from Monger in Asia. But something was a little off. We had some kind of plan to go eat. But since she was in front of my room, I said we should go inside first. She easily agreed. In the elevator I could already tell something was off. She kept repeating and asking me the same questions over and over. I asked if she was drunk. She insisted she wasn’t.

When we got in the room she laid on the bed. I took a much needed piss. Then I took my pants off and walked into the room with my dong out. She laughed and asked what I was doing. I told her I was ready to cum in her. She said she wanted to go out to eat first. But not before promising she’d have sex with me and sleep over after.

I think I was violated

As I stood there with my rod out, I started to get hard. I told her I was horny and showed her what was happening. I asked her to at least suck it a little bit. She thought about it for five seconds then came right over and started blowing me! She kept saying I was so handsome and shit like that. She seemed to love it.

I figured I might as well stick it in. But then she started saying weird stuff. She wanted to know if I’d leave her alone with the baby. So I guess she was serious about getting knocked up. It was weird, but my dick was getting wet so I just went with it. I told her we had plenty of time for a baby. I just wanted to put it in on a recreational basis!

As I was helping her get naked I noticed she was acting even stranger. It’s hard to explain, but she was weird. She kept going back to suck my cock more as I took off one piece of clothes after another. Finally she was naked except for her granny panties. I felt her ass a little as she straddled me. I pulled her panties off and she started to squat down on my hard cock in the Asian cowgirl position. It was that I noticed she had a huge piece of toilet paper stuck in her pubes. Like an entire sheet of two ply. It freaked me the fuck out and was the final straw of the craziness.

Craziness kicks in gear

I pushed her off nicely and told her I couldn’t have sex. I made up some story about it “not being right.” She thought she did something wrong and asked me if she smelled bad. She genuinely looked disappointed and she wouldn’t accept any answer I gave. And believe me I came up with a lot.

I was trying to get dressed but she kept insisting. She would grab my cock and start sucking it more vigorously. Then she pushed me back and tried to climb on me again. I was wondering the fuck was going on. My little head was still into it all as I was hard as a rock. But thankfully my brain took over.

I came up with some story about having a wife at home. She didn’t care. I told her I didn’t really want a girlfriend. I was a bad guy who just wanted sex. She still didn’t care. I tried to get her to put her clothes back on and leave. But she started crying and whining like a lunatic. She kept asking what was wrong and why I suddenly changed my mind.

At one point I went for my phone and said I was going to call the hotel staff. She really freaked out. Even though she was half my size she tried to grab the phone out of my hand. She only stopped when she saw how that pissed me off. Then it was back to the sweetheart routine, rubbing my cock and trying to convince me to let her ride my boner again!

The end, finally

I wanted to end this little nightmare. So I started walking her towards the door. But then she did some kind of rugby spin move and ran into the bathroom. At this point I was totally fed up. I kept insisting she come out of the room. I could feel my own voice getting louder as I called her a crazy bitch and told her to get the fuck out of my room.

Finally I told her I was going downstairs to tell the front desk I had a crazy chick in my room who wouldn’t leave. She must have been thrown out of a place before. Or she was just scared of security guards. Whatever the case, she finally agreed to leave. I walked her back to the street in front and offered to call her a Grab taxi. She refused and said she’d call her own.

I didn’t want to leave her on the street alone. It was dark and pretty empty. But then she started pleading with me to give her another chance. She said she’d go back to my room and do whatever I wanted. At this point I had definitely had enough. I told her to get a car and go home. I couldn’t take it any more.

I left her there and walked back over to a massage place I spotted earlier. I went inside and ended up upgrading from a handjob to an actual bang with a nice dark skinned chick with a beautiful face. It was as easy as ordering a bowl of rice and I got was I was looking for. After I blew my load in the rubber and paid I went back to my room. I loved the peace and quite I found there. I realized this was already available to me on demand, and even bothering with “regular chicks” was a total waste of time. It was so much easier just to drop some money and get what I wanted. I showered and collapsed onto the bed. A long day was over and I reaffirmed my opinion that pay for play is better.

The next morning I got a text message from the crazy chick. “Last night make me hate alcohol so much. I love you. Please come back.” I blocked her and went back to the massage place to drop another load. Then I had breakfast.

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