Aurora 33 massage review

Aurora 33 is an erotic massage parlor on Soi 33 in Bangkok. They have a team of really hot Thai chicks who do super erotic massages in really nice rooms. Since the prices are some of the best I’ve found for this kind of service I have to say that I think the place is pretty great. Aurora 33 massage is solidly on my “would repeat” list when it comes to Thailand.

There are a ton of massage parlors up and down Sukhumvit. Especially around the Lower Suk area. But the truth is that a lot of them are mediocre at best. Even some of the most “famous” or well known places are rather shit. I guess if you had never been to an Asian massage parlor before you might even find the low rent places amazing. After all the first time I got a handy from a middle aged Chinese lady at an MP I thought I hit the lotto. At this point I am a lot more experienced and I have higher expectations. I have to say that Aurora 33 gave me everything I was looking for and maybe even a little more.

three sexy thai massage chicks

Mainly that’s because the chicks working here are hot, professional, and willing to deliver. There’s no clock watching or half-assed shoulder rubs followed by uninspired service here. At least not in my experience. I got a real life nuru massages on real nuru massage mats. And that was followed up with some of the best erotic massages I’ve ever enjoyed. I was frankly surprised to get all this for such a low price. Especially considering that nearby go go parlors are charging a hell of a lot more for a hell of a lot less!

There are twenty or so women at Aurora 33 massage. I would say that at least 18 of them are babes and the rest are absolutely fine. I have never seen any kind of pig or average looking chubby chick here. The manager must have high standards. Either that or their standard of beauty just matches up perfectly with mine. But really we’re talking about mainly slim Thai chicks in their twenties and thirties. Most have a nice natural look but those who don’t are actually enhanced with stuff like slutty blond hair or big silicone implants!

babes from aurora 33 bangkok

Now obviously I have not been in the room with all 20 plus ladies on the payroll here. But I have seen the lineup more than once and I really like what I saw. I can’t imagine walking in here and not being able to find a chick to suit my tastes. In fact I would have more of a hard time trying to narrow down my choices.

Thankfully I don’t have to narrow them down all the way to one. That’s because Aurora has a two-lady massage package at a discounted rate that is right up my alley. For a mere 5200 Baht I can get myself an hour with two of Aurora 33’s finest hotties. For 600 Baht more I can add on another half hour.

erotic thai massage women

Of course they have regular massage packages too. That’s where the value really comes in. Aurora has a 40 minutes standard massage for just 2000 Baht. That’s the equivalent less than 60 bucks American and one of the best deals I found in Bangkok in recent years. It sure beats paying a starfish from Nana Plaza 4000 to lay down and play dead!

Especially when you consider that Aurora 33 specializes in nuru massage. Like I said they have the custom rooms, the real nuru mats from Japan, real nuru gel and women who actually know how to do a nuru massage the way it is meant to be done. I am a big fan of massage in general but I especially love nuru massage. When it’s done right there really is nothing else like it in the world. Since it only costs an extra 500 Baht I go for the nuru every time!

I noticed that there is also a “shaving” option on the Aurora 33 website. I really want to find out what is up with that the next time I am in town. Am I shaving someone else or is she shaving me? Either way that sounds like something really unique! I haven’t had my junk manicured by another person since that Vietnamese hairdresser in Phnom Penh offered to trim my taint. But that’s a different story…

For now I am more than satisfied by getting nuru massage by tag teams of hot Thai chicks like Adidas and Key. Or the two big booby babes Sai and Mai. Their names even go together in rhyme! That alone is enough to keep me going back to Aurora 33 Massage in Bangkok.

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