Bangkok cops inspect sex toys sellers on Sukhumvit

Just about ten days ago I told you about a bunch of public safety raids in Pattaya that threatened to put the Beach Road prostitutes in Pattaya out of business. Of course that goes hand in hand with the public campaign to turn Pattaya into some kind of family tourist place so it’s really nothing new.

Inspections in Bangkok are nothing new either. Even regular guys minding their own business have been stopped on Sukhumvit before. I remember a few years ago some white dude working for a big company said he was even searched in the middle of the day while he was just having a stroll and minding his own business.

Businesses selling dildos, pocket pussies, vibrators and all kinds of sex enhancement medicines on Lower Sukhumvit in Bangkok have been around as long as I can remember. Sex toys are illegal in Thailand but you can always find tables set up openly displaying big rubber cocks right on major roads. I’ve seen it in at least 3 major cities in Thailand more times than I can count.

Thailand sex toys

Usually they have tables set up on Sukhumvit right next to where police usually sit. It’s sort of funny. For a long time there would be African dudes posted up right there too asking every guy who walked past if they wanted to buy some weed or get some girls. You might wonder what the hell was going on if you didn’t realize you were in the land of smiles and not back home.

Everybody knows about the sex toy sellers. The police probably should to. They arrested some dildo sellers back in 2013 and probably a bunch of other times soon. Those were exceptions though. On a normal day the plastic peckers are there for anyone with some Baht to buy

The boys are back in town

Well, last night some big guys from the boys in brown stopped by Lower Sukhumvit with tons of media people following close behind as they inspected some of the booths. I don’t know if they were specifically looking for sex toys, but sex toys they did find! In some videos making the rounds on the internet they quiz sellers about the products they are selling. I wonder what the conversation about the Kamagra gel was like. I also wonder if reports about an increase in sex toy use in Thailand had anything to do with the stroll down Lower Suk.

police sukhumvit sex toys

The truth is, I don’t know what sparked the sudden interest from the powers that be in the sellers on Sukhumvit. I don’t know what happened to the sellers after the investigation either. Whatever the case, I’m going to make a wild guess and say there will be dildos and dick pills for sale on Sukhumvit again soon. If they’re not there now there’s a good chance they’ll be there next week.

It doesn’t matter much to me. Obviously I think adults out to be able to buy a fake cock if they want to. If not they can just buy a cucumber anyway. What’s the difference? There are a lot of weird rules. In Thailand porn is illegal too even though there are naked chicks dancing in bars who fuck guys for money.

Sex aids and Thailand

I’m not above getting some use out of sex toys myself. I just buy them before I travel to places like Thailand. I usually bring my condoms in too. I got sick of accidentally buying super small condoms in a rush without looking at the size on the box. Where I’m from one size mostly fits all. In countries like Thailand they have different sizes on sale, and a lot of them are dinky to say the least. It pays to pack your own!

One time I was with a regular chick and I was showing her some of the sex toys on Sukhumvit for a laugh. Her eyes got big and she was obviously interested. It turned out she had never seen a real sex toy. I believe her too, because she didn’t even know how to use it. I bought a pink penis for 500 Baht and we took it back to the room. Even without batteries in it the chick went crazy. The toy was crap though. The next day it looked liked it was starting to melt. I don’t even want to know what it was made of.

I wouldn’t use any of the boner pills those people sell either. You never know what’s inside. It could be fake sugar pills or some kind of nasty chemical you’re buying. Fuck that. It’s too easy to buy Viagra in Thailand for me to risk dealing with street seller.

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