Beer bars in Chiang Mai

I’ve already told you about beer bars in Thailand and go go bars in Chiang Mai. Beer bars are really popular in Thailand. Most of the beer bars in Bangkok and Pattaya have multiple customers each and every night, even in the middle of rainy season when the water pours down from the sky.

A lot of white guys complain that there’s not much pay for play action in Chiang Mai. When they say this sort of thing I realize they just haven’t really looked. I hear the same kind of thing about Ho Chi Minh City which has hundreds of sex shops and probably thousands of escorts and freelancers. I guess these guys are used to the ready made action targeted at Farang like they find in Nana Plaza or Walking Street. The fact is that there are tons of places in Chiang Mai, even if a lot of foreigners never get past the main strip of beer bars in the city. Many think that just dating Thai chicks is the best bet when in Chiang Mai.

Beer bars on Loi Kroh

Nearly all of the girlie bars in Chiang Mai are located on Loi Kroh Road. The bars line both sides of the road with most being closer to the intersection with Kotchasan Road near the moat. In my experience, the best bars on this strip are Carnival and So Nice. There is also a big collection of bars in the Chiang Mai Entertainment Complex, which is located on Loi Kroh. It’s easy to miss the complex with its relatively small entrance, but once you get inside you find that there are a lot of beer bars. There is also a boxing ring at the far end where they do Muay Thai and even a ladyboy bar at the end for guys who like their chicks to have dicks. The only other areas with beer bars are a piece of Kampangdin Road across from the Imperial Hotel where Drunken Bar is located, and a little plaza near on Thapae Road Soi 1. Drunken Bar is usually worth a look, but it can be hit or miss. The other area is rarely worth a visit but you never know.

Chiang Mai Entertainment complex

Chiang Mai chicks are generally among the best looking in Thailand, but few of them work in beer bars. In fact almost none do. The beer bars are almost entirely staffed by women from Isan. This impoverished region is also home to most of the farang friendly women who work in Bangkok and Pattaya bars too. Some Chiang Mai chicks are in the industry, but they tend to work in Chiang Mai soapy massage parlors or Chiang Mai happy ending massage places like Anime Kawaii and Fang VIP.

Chicks in the bars

When you go the go go bars in Bangkok or Pattaya, and even to a lesser extent Chiang Mai, you see a lot of Isan chicks in their early twenties. In the Chiang Mai beer bars you see much older women on average. Most are probably in their thirties. At least a handful are older than that. They aren’t too good looking either. I guess this is what guys complain about when they bemoan the state of naughty nightlife in Chiang Mai.

There are a few good looking chicks in these bars who are in their early twenties, but they can be more selective than their elder sisters. They are less likely to speak much English too. I have found some gems, but only after digging through a lot of women who’s presence in these kinds of bars is frankly sad.

Girlie bar prices

Drink prices are low in the beer bars, but of course lady drinks cost more than the drinks for customers. The cool thing is that the beer bar chicks in Chiang Mai don’t normally pester you for drinks.

Bar fines are almost always 500 Baht. Chicks working in the beer bars want anywhere from 1000 Baht to 4000 Baht depending on how long they stay, how much they want money, and whether they are repulsed or intrigued. A normal rate for short time is closer to 1000 Baht, but tourists and guys who can’t speak a word of Thai are more likely to be asked for a higher rate. The normal rate for long time is 2000 Baht, but again, some people pay more.

There are two hotels on Loi Kroh Road that will rent out rooms for two hours for a few hundred Baht. One is the Traveller Inn Hotel and the other is Nice Mum Lodge on Loi Kroh Soi 2.

The beer bars in Chiang Mai don’t really get going until after the sun goes down. The most lively times are between 9:00 and 10:00 PM. They close around midnight but some will stay open later if they have customers. They just turn the music down and lay low.

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