Beer bars in Thailand

I’ve already told you what goes on at and oily massage parlors and soapy massage parlors in Thailand. Now it’s time to tell you about another staple of the nightlife scene in the Land of Smiles: beer bars in Thailand.

Beer bars are common in Bangkok, Pattaya and a few other cities in the country. They tend to hire women who are either older or less attractive than the women who work in go go bars. This is just a general rule though and there are always exceptions. I had one of the best blowjobs in Thailand from a hot petite doll who worked at a beer bar on Pattaya Beach Road Soi 7.

What is a beer bar?

Beer bars are open air. They are basically just squares with women sitting inside and bar stools all around. They are usually found together in large concentrations like those seen on Pattaya Beach Road Soi 7, Soi 8, and Walking Street. Individual beer bars can also be found and they are scattered all over the place.

Thai beer bar whore

Some of the bigger and better beer bars will have live bands, pool tables or even small stages and poles where women can dance. Most of them are a lot more subdued than that. Some may only have a single woman working, and she’s sometimes as old as 60. Beer bars tend to have more women who have given birth before. I think is because they can wear clothes instead the bikinis required at go go bars. A women with a flabby baby belly and saggy tits can present herself nicely in a tight shirt and skirt. If she’s doing the two step in nothing but a thong it’s a lot harder to hide.

Women at beer bars

It’s tough to nail down which beer bars are the best because they change and change hands all the time. A beer bar can be a great place one month only to be a deserted dump the next. The only way to really know what’s up is to visit.

The women who work in beer bars are mostly a friendly bunch though they don’t really turn on until someone finally gives in to their “hello handsome man welcome” cat calls and takes a seat. The women can be fun to talk to. The level of English they speak usually isn’t very high but you have a better chance at having a conversation at a beer bar than you do at a go go bar where loud music and young women from the countryside are the name of the game. Even the women who can’t speak English much or at all will be able to play games like dice, pool or the local generic version of Connect Four.

The costs involved

Beer bars tend to be on the cheaper end of the adult entertainment spectrum in Thailand. Beers can be as little as 50 Baht and lady drinks are cheaper than they are in go go bars. There isn’t as much pressure to buy lady drinks at a beer bar either as the women really have no where else to go unlike their sisters in the go go bars who are constantly being called back to the stage or pushed and pulled by a mamasan.

It’s easy to take a lady out of a beer bar. Most of the women who work in them will go out with customers. All it takes to arrange is to pop the question. The bar fine is usually 500 or 600 Baht and it has to be paid to the bar. An additional payment has to be made to the lady herself after the act has taken place. The rate is negotiable and can vary from one moment to the next. On average guys in Pattaya give anywhere from 700 to 1500 Baht for “short time” which means an hour or two and 1000 to 2500 Baht for “long time” which means an overnight stay. In Bangkok the rates are usually higher, ranging anywhere from 1500 to 8000 baht. A few guys will break the mold and give some obscene sum but that’s on them. It doesn’t get them any better service but maybe it makes them feel better about paying a woman from a poor country for sex. Who knows?

I don’t spend a lot of time in beer bars anymore but on my first ten visits to Thailand they were places where I spent countless hours. They tend to be more popular with older guys, expats who live in Thailand full time and guys on a budget. I still pass by beer bars all the time and if I see something that interests me I will stop in for a drink and a little further investigation.

I have noticed that more and more beer bars are integrating ladyboys into their lineups. I don’t know if this is due to increased popularity of the “third sex” in Thailand or for some other reason. I don’t have anything against ladyboys but I prefer that places hire either women exclusively or ladyboys exclusively as that makes things a lot easier for me.

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