Body Bliss Bangkok: Kinky massage delivered

Body Bliss Bangkok is an outcall delivery business in Thailand with a different type of menu. Right along with the normal one hour full body massages they offer things like a deluxe soapy massage and a luxury nuru massage.

If you remember, I wrote about Exotic Massage Bangkok a year and a half ago. Back then I called it “One of the most unique massage parlors in Thailand.” That’s actually why I wrote about it. There are countless massage parlors in Bangkok and they come and go all the time. There’s no way I could review every one of them even if I wanted to. But Exotic Massage deserved a mention because it was different.

Diamond Massage Bangkok

At this point there are a bunch of escort agencies in Bangkok. There aren’t nearly as many escort companies as there massage parlors but they’re still there in pretty big numbers. The bad things is that most of them basically blend in with each other. Plus they offer no guarantees. I can’t really blame guys who rather go to a go go bar and look at the available chicks in the flesh instead of hoping that some pictures they see on a website are going to be accurate. Especially when so many places do the bait and switch or worse.

Everything looks legit at Body Bliss. The pictures don’t try to hide anything. Even if a few of the chicks are a lot bit older there’s really nothing out of the norm there. When it comes to oily massage and especially kinky massage most dudes are looking for a certain type or level of service more than anything else anyway. Besides even if a guy was obsessed with looks he be hard pressed not to think at least some of the chicks look good. Zena looks damn nice to me.

Plus, some of the pics are nice just to look at. You can’t tell me Meena’s rack doesn’t look righteous. I only wish a lot of go go dancers had melons like that. I love the chicks in the fishnets too. That always gets me. The cool thing about Body Bliss is that the chicks actually have those things in real life. It’s not just in the pictures. I asked about fishnets and they told me, “yes have!”

The Body Bliss Bangkok menu is too elaborate to break down here but the prices are pretty much what you would expect in Bangkok if not cheaper. An hour long nuru massage is 2200 Baht. An hour long full body massage is 300 Baht more. They’re open 24 hours and they do bookings in English over the phone either with a call or through apps like Line.

Here’s the Body Bliss Bangkok website which lists the prices, procedures, and a gallery with pictures of some of the Thai women who work there.

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