Burmese brothels in Thailand

Today I am going to tell you about Burmese brothels in Thailand. Some of them are way off the beaten path in towns near the border with Myanmar. Then there are other Burmese brothels in different parts of Thailand. There are even a few right in the hippest part of Chiang Mai but most back packers walk by without even noticing.

They’re called Burmese brothels because they’re mainly run for Burmese guys. Most of the Burmese guys in Thailand are there doing hard labor. So the places are cheap but they aren’t five star hotels. They’re not even as good as a lot of short time love hotels or low rent massage parlors. These are blow and go places meant for one things only. Think about Bush Mountain in Pattaya and you’ll have an idea of what we’re talking about.

Burmese brothels in Thailand

There are more Burmese brothels in Thailand than you might expect. As a matter of fact, there are probably way more Burmese people in Thailand than you would expect. They do a lot of the work you see when you’re going around. That big condo being built in Bangkok is probably be built by Burmese workers.

dont touch yourself in the brothel

Burmese brothels aren’t hard to find by accident. None of them are lit up with flashing signs that say “pussy here” like the big go go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya. Burmese and cheap local dudes know how to find them without all of that, and they prefer it to. They probably don’t want to be seen going into places called “Doctor Blowjob” in broad daylight in the cities they live and work. People can be weird like that.

Sometimes the brothels look like actual shacks on the side of the road. Other times they look like regular flat houses on residential streets with lights giving the only clue. Then there are the places that pretend to sell some kind of innocuous food like noodle soup. So if the wrong people rock up they just say “this is a restaurant I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

How Burmese brothels work

There are just a couple of chicks in these brothels. As you might expect they either come from Myanmar or have heritage that connects them to the country. So they could be Thai Yai or some other ethnic group. But most people outside of Myanmar don’t know the difference. There are some Cambodian, Lao and Burmese chicks working in lots of places and people just assume they’re Thai.

Anyway there are people running these brothels. They’re usually young and cagey looking guys. Sometimes they are old ladies. They are happy to let foreigner in but some of the chicks won’t take guys who are foreign and don’t speak Thai. It’s hit or miss.

The usual price is 500 Baht. That’s about 16 dollars American. It can be less. They might say it’s a lot more if they see a foreigner because they think they can get extra money. I don’t blame them. Anyway the money is paid up front. Most of them are honest to deal with but it’s not unthinkable that they would run a scam like the old money switching trick that is common in the brothels of Yangon.

The chicks who line up and get picked. The banging goes down in either rooms or little booths with thin walls. It’s like a cheap Thai massage parlor basically with a mattress on the ground. Most of the chicks don’t do blowjobs or get licked. Their customers don’t ask for that stuff so they never do it. They are more passive and their customers usually just ride them long enough to get a load off in a condom then head out the door. And that’s really all there is to it.

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