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I am finally starting to get my act together, at least when it comes to Mysexpedition. After publishing guides to Pattaya and Singapore, I am now pleased to announce the release of my new book: Screw Chiang Mai! This guide to Chiang Mai is unlike any I have been able to find. It covers the city and the chicks in it from top to bottom.

Chiang Mai is one of the cheapest cities in Thailand and maybe even the world. There aren’t too many places left where you can rent a brand new condo with a swimming pool and gym for $400 a month. Plus you can walk outside and right into a soapy massage parlor where you can take a bath with a hot 19 year old chick then do her on a big bed for 37 dollars more.

Screw Chiang Mai guide

People usually overlook Chiang Mai as a place for meeting Thai women. It isn’t filled with go go bars like Pattaya or English-speaking girls who are down to fuck foreign guys like Bangkok, but it’s nice in its own special way.

Chiang Mai has the hottest chicks

First of all, Chiang Mai has the hottest chicks of any city in Thailand. Even the Thais themselves say it. There are hot chicks everywhere but on average you find better looking babes with bigger boobs in Chiang Mai.

There’s no real animus towards foreigners either, even though cheap charlies have been flocking to the city for decades. Sure you’ll hear talk about the bird shit farang from time to time but other than that (and the constant road block shakedowns for motorbike drivers) its smooth sailing.

If you can learn a few words of Thai all the better. You’ll be able to date to your heart’s content. If not you will be more limited in that regard, but you still shouldn’t have many problems. Especially when you check out all the pick up spots I list in the book.

Lots of options for men in Chiang Mai

No matter what language you speak there are all kinds of paid options in Chiang Mai. They don’t come up often when people talk about Thailand but they’re there. There are lots of bars and even more massage parlors. There are even a few that hire university girls almost exclusively.

I have written a lot about subjects relating to Chiang Mai, like the city’s beer bars, go go bars, freelancers, and many happy ending massage parlors. I have even written about dating and hooking up in Chiang Mai. Still, there’s a lot I didn’t cover about day to day life, getting around and getting money. I cover all of that and more in “Screw Chiang Mai! Seeking out sex in cheap charlie paradise.”

Check the book out now while it is hot off the presses. Leave a review of it too. A lot of people base their purchases on reviews. Just let the world know what you honestly think. I am not afraid of the truth at all.

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