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When I first brought this website online in 2014 it was one of only a few of its kind. Back then there were only a handful of sites talking about the kind of things I write about here. In the two years since a lot of other sites have launched. Most of them aren’t very notable. It used to be that guys who knew the ropes would write about things they have experience with. A lot of the new sites look like get rich quick schemes with guys simply scraping and flipping whatever they find on websites like mine. The sad part is that some of these sites have gained prominence with the people behind them even making some money with affiliate schemes and ebook sales.

I’m no Hunter S. Thompson, but at least I write about what I know. I don’t do it as a simple money making operation either. This site started because I wanted to let people know about the kind of life I began living after I decided to give up the dead end grind and start pursuing happiness. I make money elsewhere so I don’t have to worry about whether or not this site can pay my bills.

Screw Pattaya book

It took me a while to get this website off the ground, and I haven’t posted here as much as I originally planned, but I have put some real effort in. I will continue to do that if for no other reason than to give a taste of reality to the thousands of guys who check in here each and every month. Besides, if people like me stop writing, where will the internet scammers get material to plagiarize?

I’ve been planning to write some books for years now, but I couldn’t step away from screwing hot chicks around the world long enough to put pen to paper. Until now. I finally wrote a guide to the naughty nightlife and daytime doings of Pattaya. I submitted it a few days ago and it is now online. So, I would like to present to you my new book: “Screw Pattaya!” In it, I write about the ins and outs of seeking out sex in Thailand’s most seductive city, from banging club chicks to visiting the city’s famous go go bars and everything in between. There are a lot of books about Pattaya, but this one tells the tale from top to bottom without dragging on over hundreds of pages.

“Screw Pattaya!” is available in multiple formats. So it can be read on any Kindle, computer, pad, or smartphone. A paperback version is coming soon. I plan to write a whole “Screw” series on cities all around the world that I have hit hard. I will write at least a half dozen of these books as long as people actually read them. My only hope is that these well researched and reality-based books don’t get lost in the sea of cheap attempts to bank on the hopes and desires of guys trapped in sexless lives.

I would really appreciate it if you took the time to check out the book. I would also like you to review the book online. A lot of people make their choices based on user reviews left by others. Be honest. If you like the book, say so. If not, you can say that too. Just let me know. Check out “Screw Pattaya!” now.

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