Don’t trust STD tests in Thailand

It doesn’t surprise me that a lot of people want to know about STD testing in Thailand. A lot of guys with websites promoting their wonderful lives in the land of smiles won’t tell you this, but Thailand has high STD rates. There’s a lot of gonorrhea and other “basic stuff” floating around. And then there’s the big one. Thailand has the highest HIV rate in Asia by far.

At the same time it’s pretty easy to date and have sex with Thai chicks. Even if you don’t pay for it. Since Thai women aren’t always experts of safe sex practices, that means a lot of guys end up going in raw. Then days later they’re scrambling to get an STD text based on fear. Or they wake up with a drippy dick and need a cure.

Are Thai STD test results trustworthy?

Then there are the guys who decide they want to start barebacking a Thai hooker or good girl who has become their main squeeze. Most guys usually just slide in raw when they feel ready. I have been in that camp many times myself to be honest. But I understand that other dudes want piece of mind. So they send their new love interest to get an STD test.

The thing is, who knows how reliable the STD test results they get actually are? I would trust results from the Red Cross clinic in Bangkok. But they only test for certain things like HIV. Even then I would probably want to be there in person when the chick got the results. Because a lot can happen between the clinic and your place.

sexy Asian nurse shot

For years you could buy a fake university degree made to order over around Koh San Road in Bangkok. I don’t know if that still goes on today. But this does show what kind of environment we are talking about. It’s not hard to imagine that a chick could get a fake test result. Or even give a doctor, nurse, or secretary money to have a legitimate result printed out with falsified information. I’ve heard rumors of chicks getting fake test results to do adult work before. So I wouldn’t bet my life on any piece of paper like that.

That brings me to me next point, which is that I wouldn’t trust a “medical professional” in Thailand to protect my confidentiality either. That is based on my direct experience in Thailand, which as you’ll see wasn’t very good at all. What I’ve seen has soured me as you can probably tell. This sort of thing can happen when you spend significant time in Southeast Asia.

The Thai nurse who told on me

A while ago I went for one of my regular checkups in Thailand. I usually go once or twice a year. Normally I get a quick work up on the normal health stuff. Then I go for a full STD test. I could go to some low end clinic or a place like the Red Cross. But I’m not poor by any means, so why not pay a little money and go to a reputable hospital?

This time I went to one of the biggest and most well known hospitals in Thailand. It’s filled with international patients and even doctors from various parts of the world. It’s not necessarily cheap, but at around $200 US dollars all together it is a hell of a lot cheaper than any hospital in America!

When I went to the men’s health area for my STD testing I thought I recognized one of the sexy nurses in uniform behind the counter. Her eyes even seemed to light up when she saw me. But I’ve had sex with some many Thai women and watched so much Thai porn over the years that I can never be sure. So I just ignored it.

I did my test then went downstairs to get a taxi. It was towards the end of the workday by then, and I actually saw the sexy nurse with a couple of other ladies nearby. Again it seemed like she was looking at me, but I let it slide. Minutes later I was in the taxi and I got a message on LINE from one of the regular girls I was boning. She said “I know you went to the hospital, and I know why.” It turns out the nurse was her good friend who I had met once before. She told my fuck buddy I was getting an STD test right after I showed up at the hospital. How’s that for patient privilege?

Needless to say I cut off the fuck buddy and never contacted her again. I also stopped going to that overrated and overpriced hospital. The test results came back clean, but I might get tested again somewhere a little more trustworthy. Even if does cost more. I guess you get what you pay for.

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