Exotic Massage Bangkok: One of the most unique massage parlors in Thailand

There are basically three kinds of massage shops in Bangkok. The most common are regular Thai massage places. A little less common are the erotic massage parlors. Finally there are the big soapy massage places.

The regular Thai massage places are all over Bangkok. You see them no matter where you go. For the most part they give regular old massages. Some of the chicks who work in them give handjobs and occasionally more to customers for extra money if they get the chance but it’s usually not encouraged by the bosses. Some place will fire a girl if they find out she’s doing extras.

Exotic Massage Bangkok

The erotic Thai massage places are also known as oily massage parlors. There are many around. Some areas have big concentrations of these shops. The women who work these spots usually aren’t that good at giving massages. That doesn’t matter though since they are focused on the extras. They all charge around the same prices but services and staff between places has some variance.

The big soapy massage places are more rare. There are around a dozen in Bangkok. They look like big hotels. They have a lot of women working. They wash customers and then take them on a trip around the world. The prices depend on the women.

Exotic Massage Bangkok doesn’t really fit into any of these categories. Located in a normal sized spot on Sukhumvit Soi 22, it’s obviously not a big soapy. From the outside it sort of looks like a classy regular Thai massage place but as their website says what you find inside is “not typical Thai massage and oil massage that you can find anywhere.”

Some people would say that Exotic Massage Bangkok is an oily massage place. It’s very different from the other oily massage places around though. Most oilies have one or two types of massage. No matter what it all goes the same way.

At Exotic Massage Bangkok there are all kinds of options. The normal starting stuff is all there, which means they have oil massages, oil massages and nuru massages. After that though, all sorts of add ons are available.

Some of the options at Exotic Massage Bangkok include prostate massage, face sitting and foot jobs. That’s not on the menu at Somchai’s Average Massage Shop. Another option is the four handed massage, which means a massage from two women at once.

All sorts of things are available. The menu lists extras likes toys and tantric massage for couples. They even offer all of this in costume.

Even though these services are out of the ordinary the prices are not. As far as I can tell they are totally in tune with the area. If anything Exotic Massage Bangkok may even be a little less expensive than some of the other shops around, especially when they run promotions.

As an example, the Exotic Massage Bangkok menu lists a thirty minute massage with HJ for 600 Baht and a thirty minute massage with CIM for 1,300 Baht.

Some good looking chicks work at Exotic Massage Bangkok. Probably more important for their intentions is that they are said to be specially trained in the arts of exotic massage.

Here’s the Exotic Massage Bangkok website which lists the operating hours, location, map to the location and a gallery with pictures of some of the Thai women who work there.

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