Freelance prostitutes in Chiang Mai

I have already written about beer bars, go go bars and soapy massage parlors in Chiang Mai. That sums up most of the pay for play scene in the city, but it leaves out a key ingredient. Freelancers who work wherever and whenever they want actually make up a good percentage of the Chiang Mai’s total number of ladies of the night. As many as there are, they all basically hang out in a small number of places.

Zoe In Yellow is a nightclub that draws in a mix of backpackers and Thai chicks. Among the Thai chicks there are always several freelance prostitutes who want to hook up with a guy for around 2000 Baht. The freelancers dance inside like everyone else, but they can also be found at the outdoor bar. Freelancers also hang around some of the bars in the plaza near Zoe In Yellow. Those bars look like beer bars but they don’t employ the chicks you see sitting around. They are there on their own. Here’s a map of Zoe In Yellow.

Freelance prostitute chiang mai

Streetwalkers can be found on the benches near the famous Tha Phae Gate after dark. They can also be found standing along Mun Mueang and Kotchasarn Road. About half of the street walkers have ladyboys. All of the street walkers who stand on Loi Kroh after the beer bars close have dicks. Streetwalker in Chiang Mai want 1000 Baht but a lot will go for less, especially with people who speak Thai.

Sideliners are Thai chicks who meet guys for extra money on the side. Most of them are college students or of the age to be in college. Some of them speak English but most do not. They advertise on websites like CMX Sideline where they give their contact info. They meet for sex in rooms or love hotels, usually for around 2000 Baht. Nowadays a lot of the girls posing as sideliners have managers who post their ads and find them customers, but there are still some real sideliners around. Some of them are looking for sugar daddies who can provide an ongoing income while they study or do whatever it is they do.

A different kind of sideliners sit outside of the fishbowl in soapy massage parlors. They are pretty common in Bangkok but a little more rare in Chiang Mai. The only place I have seen them is on the couches in the back corner at Celebs. They show up in the afternoon and leave before midnight. They are usually good looking chicks in their twenties with no kids and they charge 1350 Baht.

Some freelancers can also be found on Thai dating sites. Sometimes they are obvious about what they want, but other times they don’t make it clear until they’ve already started chatting. Most girls who ask you where your hotel is in the first few minutes are looking to make money.

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