Gentlemen’s Clubs in Pattaya

Gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya don’t get much attention. That’s both a blessing and a curse. Part of the fun of the places is the privacy and intimacy they offer. Yet they are relatively cheap places where your Baht can go a very long way.

Sure, Pattaya gentlemen’s clubs aren’t as glamorous as the famous go go bars. But they’re not nearly as expensive either. They’re places where you can kick back and relax with some chicks for as long as you’d like. And you can easily take things further by spending a little money.

Pattaya gentlemen’s clubs are sometimes confused with the city’s blowjob bars. Sure you can get head in the gentlemen’s clubs. And it costs about the same as it does in a BJ bar too. But you can also do more and go to a booth or private room for full service. Or you can just drink and hang out until you’re ready to leave. It’s all up to you.

Gentlemen’s Clubs in Pattaya

There are a lot of gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. They’re spread all over the city too. Most of them are not located in places tourists typically go. You won’t find any of these places on Walking Street, or even on Soi 6. They’re not very hard to find. And some are only a short walk from places like LK Metro. But you probably wouldn’t accidentally walk into.

Pattaya gentlemen's club

In fact, most of the gentlemen’s clubs are far from other clubs. It’s not like go go bars where they all pile together into a confusing row. Well, except for Soi Bongkot 8 near the Full Love Inn short time hotel. Club 4 opened there years ago, then many other clubs followed. Every time I go back there is a new club in that row.

  • La Poste (Soi Lengkee)
  • Excite (Soi Excyte)
  • Pirates (Soi Bongkot 8)
  • Club 4 (Soi Bongkot 8)
  • Club 007 (Soi Bongkot 8)
  • Carre Blanc (Soi Bongkot 8)
  • Club Sin (Soi Bongkot 8)
  • J Club (Soi Bongkot 8)
  • Club 555 (Soi Buakhao 15)
  • Telephone Bar (Soi Batman)

There are some difference between the clubs. But basically they’re all the same kinds of places. They have a locked door. So you knock or ring a bell to get in. Inside it’s like a regular bar, except maybe a little dark. And the chicks might be wearing more revealing clothes than you expect. Or drop some clothes all together.

There are usually private booths where you can get your groove on. Or in some places you can get started or even finish right at the bar. Hence the locking doors. It can be a real fun party type of situation in these places. Even if you’re the only guy in there. Because the girls are wilder than most. And it’s hard to run up a massive bill in these places too.

Jomtien Gentlemen’s Clubs

There are also a lot of gentlemen’s clubs in Jomtien, and over on “the dark side.” For those who don’t know, Jomtien is the next town over from Pattaya. And “the dark side” is across Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya. It’s also known as East Pattaya.

Both of those places are haunted more by expats and retirees than tourists. In order words, people who live in Thailand year round are more common in these areas. On the one hand that usually means that things are a little cheaper and less rip-off prone. But it also means less hot chicks working in the bars. Some might argue with me over this point. In my experience it’s true.

Some of the “out of the way” gentlemen’s clubs include:

  • Blush (Soi Maeauen 2/7)
  • Passion (Jomtien Soi 1)
  • Kit Cat (Thappraya Road)
  • Blue Olives (Cosy Beach)
  • Aquadeymie Bar (Banlang 12)
  • Kinnaree (Phra Tam Nak 5)

These other gentlemen’s clubs used to have a reputation for getting wild. I don’t know how true that is anymore. I’ve checked them out and I didn’t see anything crazy. In fact, I’ve actually seen a lot more in the regular gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya, sometimes bordering on the level of Thai porn. A couple of places in the middle of the city are known for stuff like topless chicks. I haven’t seen that in the more distant clubs.

The best thing about these “outside” clubs is the lower prices. On top of that, some of them like Passion and Aqua Deymie have swimming pools and food. Those are nice features that almost remind me of German sex saunas.

For most people just visiting Pattaya, a lengthy and possibly confusing trip to the “outer areas” is probably just going to be a waste of time. I checked various places out. And I am glad I did. But on a short trip, I doubt I would visit any of them again. Living there would be something else entirely.

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