Getting $30 BBFSCIP in Pattaya

What would you say if I told you that I got BBFSCIP in Pattaya for just thirty bucks last year? Well, first you might ask me what BBFSCIP is if you’re not hip to the internet slang. Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in very soon if you’re not aware.

But if you do know the score, then you’d have to admit that it is quite the service for just thirty dollars. It’s not totally out of the norm either. This kind of thing goes on all the time in Pattaya. Just ask some longtime regulars. You might not find it in Pattaya go go bars. But it definitely exists.

Last month I did a post on the cheapest blowjobs in Asia. It’s hard to beat the $6 and $9 suck jobs I wrote about there in terms of price. But for just about twenty bucks more bareback action is a nice score. It’s even priced right to fit on my list of the cheapest places to get sex in Asia.

What is BBFSCIP?

About as soon as the internet became available to the general population people started using it to talk about sex. Sure they posted pictures and later videos when that became a viable option. But in the early days it was all text. And a lot of the text was about sex.

Some of the sex that goes on in the world is transnational. One party pays and the other party gives. Pretty normal stuff in the everyday world. But somehow really bad when it comes to sex in the mind of some. Anyway, talk about paid sex came with a development of a sort of shortened internet slang made up mostly of acronyms.

I guess this was partly due to a desire to conserve time. I mean who wants to actually type out “bareback full service cum in pussy”? That is what BBFSCIP stands for after all. But it’s only one of many acronyms used. Others are a lot shorter like FS and COF. So they were probably developed as more of a code for guys to communicate with. It’s not much of a code though. Anyone who needs to know what stuff like BBBJNQNS means probably already does. And if they don’t, there’s always Google.

Cheap Pattaya massage

About eight months ago I decided to stop in Pattaya. I was in a nearby Asian country and I wanted to do some traveling. It’s a pretty regular thing for me. I try to get to Pattaya a few times every year anyway. Depending on where I am it can be a very short trip.

Once in town, I ended up on Soi Chaiyapoon. There’s a ton of activity up that way. Plus you don’t see too many big groups of flag following tourists. So it’s kind of like the old Pattaya, even if just a little.

creampie Thais MILF

There are lots of blowjob bars, gentlemen’s clubs and ladyboy bars up that way. But there really a lot of cheap massage parlors. Some are better than others. And none really stand out. So it mostly comes down to where you see the best looking women.

But not in this case. I just wandered into a random massage shop. I don’t even know why. Once I got inside, I really couldn’t figure it out. The lineup consisted of two Thai women. One was super old. The other was an average looking MILF though she did have a nice tight looking body. I should have turned around and left. That’s usually what I would have done. But the haggard mama behind the desk said something like “she service very good” in a way that somehow convinced me. So I took the better looking one upstairs.

BBFSCIP in Pattaya

She was in her thirties. And she was decent enough. I usually look for much better than just decent when I am paying. But like I said, I was just going with the flow. So I undressed, wrapped a towel around me, and laid face down on the mattress on the ground. The only thing separating it from other mattresses was a curtain. And I could hear whispers, creaks and groans from other mattresses in the room.

My masseuse soon joined me. I closed my eyes and relaxed as she did a real rub down. It was nice. My eyes were closed the whole time and I might even have drifted off for a couple of seconds. I was pretty worn out at the time.

After a while she lightly signaled for me to turn over. So I did. My eyes were still closed as she worked on my feet and legs. Then she casually worked her way up to my nuts under the towel. She did it in a smooth motion and her hands were even smoother. It was actually pretty nice.

I wasn’t really expecting anything more than a happy ending massage. I thought I’d get a handjob and probably a blowjob too. And I did. She didn’t jerk it much. as soon as she opened the towel to expose she went to work with a pretty good bit of head. Halfway into it I opened my eyes and realized she was fully naked. I started to talk but she signaled for me to be quiet.

The blowjob was really good and it was getting me going. So was her body. It was tight and fit and a lot better than I expected. She saw me looking and felt me touching her passionately all over. I guess she took that as her cue. She jumped up, squatted over me with her firm ass, and sat right on my hard prick! She was wet too. I slid into her slit with no effort, and no condom. And boy did it feel good.

This went on for a while. I did her in multiple positions. We were both getting really into it, but weren’t making much noise. Or at least we weren’t trying to. After a while I got tired and laid back down. So she went right back to sucking me. I almost came but I wasn’t ready to let go. So I got back up, laid her on the bed, and slid it back in bareback. I started pounding away and after a few minutes I shot a hot stream of semen deep in her tunnel of love. She held me for quite a while and shook. Then she got off, wrapped up with a towel, and disappeared.

A few minutes later she came back to retrieve me. She washed me head to toe in a surprisingly nice and clean bathroom down the hall. Then she dried me off and helped me get dressed. I figured I’d pay her there instead of messing around in front of everyone. I didn’t know what she expected. But I had an idea of a going rate. I handed her 1000 Baht and she smiled and gave me a big hug. Then she walked me to the door and gave me a kiss on the cheek on the way out. So I got bareback full service with cum in pussy in Pattaya for the equivalent of $30 American thanks to the exchange rate at the time.

Buyer beware

Note that this type of thing is not recommended! I mean, I wouldn’t tell anyone what to do with their life. But it usually makes more sense not to pay for what you can get for free. I could do a pretty much endless line of Thai MILFs if that was my thing and I was willing to put in a few minutes of effort. Sadly, I’m not.

Seriously though going around raw dogging experienced pros in a place like Pattaya comes with all kinds of hazards. I already wrote about Resistant gonorrhea and prostitutes in Southeast Asia, and of course it can get even worse than that. Thailand has one of the highest HIV rates in the world after all.

Thankfully I am totally clean as of my most recent test. So I got out of the experience with nothing more than enjoyment and payment of thirty clams.

I should probably read my own site from time to time. But what can I say? In the heat of the moment with a buck naked babe I couldn’t resist. I let her climb on top without the slightest hesitation. The struggle is real.

I doubt many other men in my position could have resisted either. It flowed so naturally. But that also makes me wonder how many other men were in my position. Or more precisely, how many were in her in any position. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. Everything worked out in the end. So it was just another day in a lived life. Albeit a memorable one!

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