Go go bars are a rip off

For the most part, go go bars are a rip off. You end up spending way more money than you should. And in most cases you end up with a mediocre experience at best. I speak from experience. I guess they might look amazing to me if I just stepped off a plane in Bangkok for the first time. But I’ve been around a while. The prices keep going up, but the chicks aren’t as good looking, fun, or service oriented as they used to be.

Of course I am talking about sex here, not just looking at chicks who are naked or wearing thongs. Go go bars in Asia might be a little better value for money than the strip clubs in America if you’re a gawker who looks but doesn’t touch. But if I wanted to throw away money at an average chick with a bad attitude and worse tattoos without getting anything in return, I would have just stayed home in the first place. Or married a fat western chick and went to work in a soul crushing job waiting for death.

You only really see go go bars in two parts of the world. That’s Thailand and the Philippines. I am not going to count the so called “go go bars” in America where clothed chicks dance in bird cages for guys who seem to have lost their minds or ability to reason. Today I am talking about bars where chicks dance on stage in skirts, bikinis, or nothing at all. And where they have sex with customers for money.

Where go go bars went wrong

Like I said, these go go bars have gone down hill and become a rip off. I am not only talking about obvious rip off joints like the worst go go bar in Pattaya. Or places with sour faced bouncers like the worst go go bar in Bangkok. I’m not even talking about guys who do lame shit in go go bars either, though they definitely have an effect. Even the hands on go go bars are in decline. And the regular run of the mill go go bars are now just a shell of what they supposedly were back in the glory days.

If you check out pictures old timers have of go go girls in Thailand and the Philippines from years ago, you see how hot and firm their bodies used to be. Or you can just look at Thai porn made a few years back. Then go into a go go bar today and tell me how the women compare. There are a lot of chubby chicks with ugly tattoos, scars and serious baby damage. Next, compare the prices now with what they used to be. You’ll quickly see what I am talking about here.

bad Thai tattoo

These days you can walk into a go go bar in Pattaya and instantly drop five bucks on a drink. Then you call over a girl you like and buy her a drink for 8 bucks. You can barely talk to her because the music is blaring and in a few minutes the mamasan sends her back on stage to drink. If you somehow manage to get turned on during this shit and ask to leave with the chick, the bar will ask you 1000 Baht or mmore for a barfine. Then you go outside and either pay 500 Baht for a short time room near the bar or some stupid amount for a drunk driver to take you on a two minute life threatening motorcycle ride. After a short round of uninspired sex with a condom, the chick will want a couple thousand Baht for herself.

In the best case scenario you’re dropping $130 American dollars for a quick fuck with an average chick. More likely you’ll spend time looking at multiple bars, having a couple of drinks, and interviewing several girls before you pull the trigger. Then when you find one who is acceptable, she’ll ask premium prices. So a lot of guys are really dropping $200, $300 or more per actual fuck when they go to the go go bars.

Things really get clear if you start comparing what else is available in the world. If you’ve read my post comparing prostitution in Germany and Thailand, then you already know prices are comparatively high in Thailand. In some cases, the much poorer Philippines can be even worse. I just saw a guy bragging online that “negotiated a deal” at a Burgos Street bar and paid “only” 193 American dollars for a couple of hours of sex with a Filipina go go chick. He could have sex with three hot European chicks at a German sex sauna for the same amount of money.

There are other options

But forget about the rest of the world, and the older and uglier chicks. Let’s say you’re stuck in Bangkok or Manila and you’re one of the younger generation of guys who loves fat old ladies aka “thicc cougars.” The prices at go go bars are totally out of whack with the prices at other places in the same cities! That’s what really proves that they are rip offs and tourist traps.

In Bangkok you can go to any number of oily massage parlors and get multiple shots for 1900 Baht. A lot of chicks in the BJ bars will blow and do you for less than that. In Pattaya where bar fines alone are 1000 Baht or more, you can go to Soi 6 or any number of gentlemen’s clubs and get a BJ and sex for 1300 Baht all together. The Chiang Mai go go bars are minimal at best, but that doesn’t stop them from charging maximum prices. Meanwhile, you can get a full service massage from a hot university student for less than half of what you’d pay a go go chick.

In Manila you can go to a gentlemen’s club and get a blowjob and sex from a hot chick for a couple of thousand Pesos. So why bother with the crazy go go bar prices that can be 10,000 PHP or more? In Angeles City there are still some reasonably priced go go bars, but good luck finding a hot chick inside. Plus, getting free sex from Filipinas is so easy bothering with any kind of paid sex at all can seem like an necessary expense.

I guess it’s nice to be able to see what a chick looks like before you agree to spend money. That’s the only real benefit of a go go bar. But even that only really works and the handful of go go bars with naked dancers. Because even in bikinis the chicks in go go bars are able to hide quite a lot. The dark red bar lighting hides stretch marks pretty good. And the chicks are great at hiding their nonexistent or saggy fried egg tits behind padded bars. Chicks with no ass wear high heels and three pairs of panties over the sheer stockings that hide their wrinkled legs and guts. A lot of guys get disappointed when their bar fine comes out of the back in the street clothes. Overall, go go bars just aren’t a great deal at all.

Update: Things are getting worse

I originally wrote this in February 2020. A lot of things have changed since then. That goes for pretty much everything on earth. But especially the go go bars. With very few exceptions, things have only gotten worse over the years.

The current scene in Bangkok would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. In Nana Plaza go go bars, a bottle of beer now goes for 180-200 Baht. That’s around 5 US dollars each thanks to the current exchange rates. Not the worst rate in the world, but definitely a far cry from how things were not long ago.

Lady drinks are the real joke. Many Bangkok go go bars now deliver a double lady drink as the standard and charge 400 Baht for it. That means you’re paying the equivalent of 10 bucks for a dancer to sit with you. For a few minutes. Maybe. Unless the mamasan calls her back on stage or she already has a drink waiting from someone else.

What about bar fines? Well they are right around 1000 Baht. Add the 3000 Baht the chicks want for short time and you’re now spending more than one hundred and ten dollars America for a quickie in a third world country. I know the cost of everything from eggs to gasoline seems to be out of control right now, but this is literally fucking ridiculous.

The customer base in the go go bars has changed too. I see more younger and Asian customers than I ever have before. There can be no doubt that the bars are making money. But they are no longer making any moolah from me. With the exception of a few hands on fully nude places I now steer clear of the go go bar scene in Asia. It was good while it lasted!

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