Hands-on go go bars in Bangkok

The hands-on go go bars in Bangkok are a cut above the rest. Sure, it’s always nice to watch hot Thai chicks dance around in bikinis or even nothing at all. But it’s even better if they come over and invite you to put your “hands on” their jugs. Bakeries often smell good. But the real enjoyment comes when you stop in one and eat some sweets.

I’ve already told you about the five best go go bars in Bangkok. They made that list for different reasons. Usually it’s a combination of the chicks, the prices, and the atmosphere that makes an agogo a good one. But only one of the go go bars on that list could be called hands-on. So this list is something different.

Of course it goes without saying that you can’t just walk around touching whoever you want wherever you want. Unless you’re running for office, you still have to follow normal rules of consent if you want to be a decent human being. Luckily, most of the chicks in the hands-on go go bars of Bangkok happily volunteer to be fondled. Especially if you buy them some lady drinks.

Hands-on go go bars in Bangkok

When it comes to hands-on go go bars in Bangkok, you have a few choices. I’m not going to include the many ladyboy bars. The “hands-on” in those places is usually in reverse, with the dancers grabbing on you. Instead I’m going to list nothing but girly bars where groping goes on. They are:

  • Crazy House (Soi 23)
  • Five Star (Soi Cowboy)
  • Erotica (Nana Plaza)
  • Spanky’s (Nana Plaza)
  • Moonshine Joint (Soi Cowboy)

Crazy House is just around the corner from Soi Cowboy. The dancers are fully nude and they get pretty comfortable with people who buy them drinks. So it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular go go bars in Bangkok. But I also called it the worst go go bar in Bangkok two tears ago. That’s because they don’t always treat customers as they should. It doesn’t help that it gets so crowded either. Not much has changed, but the chicks are still naked and eager to get close.

Five Star is on Soi Cowboy. In the past it was nothing special. But now it’s a sort of Crazy House light. Ever since the Crazy House people took it over, it turned into a hands-on bar with nude dancers. There’s more room inside too. But the best looking chicks still do tend to be found in Crazy House.

Erotica go go Bangkok

Erotica is a quieter go go bar in a corner of Nana Plaza. The chicks go topless and most of them have great cans. There are always one or two beauties who look like they walked out of a Thai porno too. The reason the bar belongs here is that a topless dancer usually stays topless when you call her over for a drink. In close proximity it’s usually no problem to then give the melons a squeeze to see how ripe they are.

Spanky’s is also in Nana Plaza. It deserves to be here because the whole place is designed around contact. It’s called “Spanky’s” because they spank each other and customers with pieces of foam. This makes a loud noise but causes no pain. It’s easy to walk in here and start spanking. In fact that’s the name of the game. The chicks showering in the corner don’t hurt either

Finally, there’s the Moonshine Joint in Soi Cowboy. They don’t sell moonshine. But it’s one of the most hands-on bars you can find in Bangkok. This old bar has really adventurous chicks inside. They aren’t necessarily the best looking. But they don’t mind touching in either direction. If you buy them a lady drink they might even initiate. And they might do more touching than you would expect in such a public place. A couple of them even carry their own little bottles of baby oil or lotion. You can probably figure out why.

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