Hands-on go go bars in Pattaya

Hands-on go go bars in Pattaya allow for more mileage than regular agogos. In other words, you get more bang for your buck. Go go bars are usually a good time. When you’re watching sexy Asian women dance in bikinis or less, how bad can it be? But it can be better than average if you’re in a hands-on joint. That’s because you might be invited to touch rather than just look.

I made a list of the the best go go bars in Pattaya years ago. I update that list when necessary. So it is still accurate for the most part. But only a few of the bars listed there are hands on. So while those places might be good go go bars in general, they aren’t necessarily touchy-feely joints. And that’s what we’re talking about here.

I’ve also told you about the hands-on go go bars in Bangkok. There are even more bars in Pattaya where touching isn’t taboo. I won’t list all of them here. That would be overkill. Plus, the list changes all the time. But I will break down the hands-on experience and list some of the best bars of the kind.

Hands-on go go bars in Pattaya

Hands-on bars are like go go bars with nudity in that they are less common than they used to be. Part of this might have something to do with the internet and people “spilling the beans.” But it can also have to do with the influx of “family tourism” to Pattaya. Still, there are a lot of hands-on bars in Pattaya. But the best hands-on go go bars in Pattaya are:

  • Babydolls (Soi 14)
  • Misty’s (Soi 15)
  • Windmill (Soi Diamond)
  • Silver Star (Soi 7)
  • Kink (LK Metro)

Babydolls is located on Soi 14 just off of Walking Street. A lot of good bars are on these side streets. Babydolls in an old school place that used be about the wildest go go bar in Pattaya. It wasn’t uncommon to see a guy going all the way with a chick in the corner. Now things are calmer but it is still a totally hands on bar. Especially back by the big tub where they do bath shows. Just watch out for the air conditioner unit overhead. It drips water onto the seats so you can wet your pants just by sitting down. And since you’re in Babydolls, people will think you blew a load in your shorts instead.

Just a short walk from Babydolls is Misty’s. This is another old school kind of go go bar on Soi 15. It too went through some changes, but it is still a hands on place. If you walk in at nine you might think it’s just a regular bar with average women. But come back around midnight and you’ll think you walked into a Thai porn set. If the drinks are flowing the hands will be wandering. The skimpy outfits the chicks wear will probably be pushed aside too.

Windmill Pattaya go go bar

Windmill on Soi Diamond is probably the best hands on bar in Pattaya. It might even be the best in Thailand now that Babydolls has toned things down a little bit. The bar is popular and it can get crowded, but it’s totally understandable. Windmill has two floors. Both have stages filled with chicks in various states of nudity. There are play mats and tubs for shower shows. There are also chicks walking around and playing with the many customers. It’s very hands-on.

A lot of chicks work at Windmill. Most of them are average. But there are some real beauties there too. And also some nice boobs and butts. No one seems to have an attitude though. Even the hottest chicks in the place are friendly and fun.

Silver Star is one of the older go go bars in Pattaya. There was a second Silver Star one street over too. But it closed after a raid. Silver Star is one of those places that looks like it’s been around forever. They even had a creepy guy in the toilet giving back massages, though thankfully he’s gone now.

Silver Star has a lot of seats and it’s roomy. The stage is always in clear view. And so is the tub where they do their bath shows. The chicks are all nude and they move around enough for everyone to see them. Those who buy drinks usually get rewarded even more than that. It’s pretty common to see a guy with a mug of Thai beer in one hand and a Thai jug in the other.

Kink is the newest bar on LK Metro. Apparently some people with a lot of experience in go go bars put it together. They clearly spent a lot of money. It’s a big place. The ground floor is nicely laid out but otherwise pretty boring. But upstairs things are a lot more fun.

The top floor of Kink is organized around a central stage that is more like a play pit. There are naked chicks inside interacting with the guys sitting around them. Further back on the couches there are usually more nude chicks sitting with guys. As you can imagine, hands do roam quite a bit. So no one seems to care that the drinks are a little more expensive on the upper deck.

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