Happy ending massage in Chiang Mai

I don’t know if people go to massage parlors out of convenience or because they want to relax, but they are among the more popular options for guys around the world. Thailand is known for its Thai massage but also for its naughty massage. Both are plentiful and they often even get mixed together. Any regular visitor of regular massage parlors can tell you that they are regularly propositioned for more than regular service.

Chiang Mai happy ending massage

Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand. At one point in history the place was a capital of its own kingdom. Now it’s just a provincial capital. A lot of people visit from around the world. Many stay full time or at least part of the year. I guess it’s a pretty easy going place. It’s calmer and quieter than Bangkok for sure. That also means that it doesn’t have nearly as mention options for horny guys. I’ve heard some guys complaining that there is no action at all. That’s bullshit. There’s a ton of action but it’s not in your face and a lot of the customers are locals or expats.

Loh Kroh Road

The main strip that falang find on Loh Kroh Road. This has several of the kinds of Thai beer bars guys who visit Pattaya or Bangkok would be familiar with. Most of the chicks are from Isaan. Few if any locals work in any of these bars. Chiang Mai is actually a small city and they’d probably be too embarrassed. Plus a lot of them aren’t interested in struggling through English to make conversation with an old white guy in a tank top and swim trunks.

I’ll write more about the bars of Chiang Mai later. This post is about happy ending massage. There is actually quite a bit of it available on Loh Kroh Road in the massage parlors right across from all the bars. This isn’t totally obvious but anyone with a bit of knowledge would be able to figure it out pretty quickly. They have attractive women waiting out front in tight pants calling customers in at all hours of the night.

These places usually charge the standard 200 or 300 Baht for a one hour oil massage. When the customers get in the rooms or between the curtains they find out that the massages aren’t all that. Sometimes they aren’t at all. A lot of these women are all business and they quickly start pushing for extras. Nowadays most of them start out by asking 1000 Baht for a hand job. This is insanely high for the city and the country but I guess enough tourist noobs are paying it. Otherwise why would they ask? Negotiation is possible and most women will jack their customers off for 500. The real standard price is or at least was more like 300 Baht but people might have blown the market all out of proportion to the point of no return, at least on that main strip.

Regular massage parlors are scattered all over the city, inside and outside of the square moat that Chiang Mai is known for. They offer Thai and oil massages for a few hundred Baht. They mostly have women working. Sometimes they’ll have some men. It’s easy enough to say “I want a woman.” I’m not homophobic but I’m not into guys rubbing on me. These places officially don’t offer any extras but as with most cities in Southeast Asia there are always women working who want to make more. So they offer extras on their own. Outside of Loh Kroh women are more likely to ask for 500 Baht for a hand job. Or they won’t ask for anything at all and just expect the guy to give them a decent tip after service. Probably one in three of the women working in the regular massage parlors will offer guys extra service. In some places they all will. Dao Massage, Lucky Massage and Sang Samrit have reputations for offering extras. Thida Massage is known as a place that absolutely forbids it. These are only examples.

A few women in the regular massage parlors around the city will also offer blow jobs. They want more for that and they aren’t always great at it. Once in a great while one will offer full service, normally to a regular or only if there’s something special about the session. It’s not common though. I guess that’s because it’s more difficult to hide and because a reputation for doing that could get a place shut down or at least visited by some boys in brown who are thirsty for tea.

Body to Body Massage

Guys aren’t limited to wandering around looking for someone to scratch their itch. Chiang Mai has some places that cater exclusively to guys looking for massage service with more. These places don’t offer full service and that’s probably why they’re able to operate more or less openly without problems. I think they cater mostly to locals and Japanese expats but everyone seems to be welcome. Chinese guys and falang also visit these places all the time.


Raspberry is one such place. It’s way out of the way. It would be tough for anyone to find without GPS or a guide. I don’t think any tourists would ever wander in. The place is set up in a big villa style house at the end of a dead end road off of the freeway. They have five or six chicks working. They come from all over Thailand. Some are average. Some are a bit chubby. They’re all in their late twenties or early thirties, so no spring chickens. The prices start at 1500 Baht and go up to 2300 Baht depending on the chick. They service is a shower followed by an oily massage and a hand job. The the guy is washed again and that’s it. The chicks get naked for service but some probably look better in their clothes. Raspberry shows the available staff and makes bookings over the Line app which is pretty common in Chiang Mai. Their Line ID is raspberryspa-cm Their phone number is 088-269-2659. They are open every day from 10:00 am and close late at night.

Anime Kawaii Shop

Anime Kawaii Shop is another place. It’s on a side street but not too out of the way. It’s near the YMCA. The place looks so small from the front but it is actually in a pretty big building inside. They have five or six women working most times. Most of them are average looking but they are a bit younger. Most of them are 20 to maybe 24. There are one or two who are way older but try to hide it with plastic surgery and makeup. They usually have at least one really beautiful girl working there after their university classes too. Rooms are average. Showers aren’t a part of the program. Prices are good. Service is a nude massage. They won’t promise any more than that, probably to keep themselves out of trouble. Massages start at 500 Baht. It seems all of the women ask for 500 more to throw in a hand job and nothing more. If enough of the kinds of people that visit the Loh Kroh shops find the place I’m sure they’ll be asking for 2000 Baht for the same service in no time. Their Line ID is 0946514295. Their phone number is 094-651-4295.

Fang VIP

Fang VIP, which also goes by OMG SPA, is another happy ending massage place. It’s located on Chiangmailand which is about right in the thick of things. It’s close to the main part of the city and it’s easy to find. There are ten to twenty women working. They are average looking or better. Some are really hot. Most of them don’t speak English. They offer two kinds of massage. One is a nude massage with a hand job. The other is a nude massage with a blow job, which they list as “finish by mouth” on their menu. The chicks at Fang are pretty lazy. If there are some great performers I don’t know about them. The rooms are big but nothing special. I don’t think they ever change their sheets or pillow covers. The showers are pretty clean though considering the amount of people that go through them. Massages are basic at best and so is the service. Blow jobs are done through a condom which might be safe but isn’t that fun. Prices start at 1300 Baht.

Other Massage Parlors

Other, newer shops that I know less about are purported to give the same kinds of services. One is “Little Mermaid Massage” on Chiangmailand. Their Line ID is littlemermaidmassage. Their phone number is 061-791-0088. The other is Annichop Massage not far from the famous Taphae Gate. Their Line ID is 0947496636. Their phone number is 094-749-6636.

There are some soapy massage parlors and even a couple of brothels in Chiang Mai. They charge about the same as the happy ending places and offer a lot more. I’ll write about them later. I don’t necessarily think full service is a happy ending. I mean it’s a happy way to end a massage but for me “happy ending massage” means something more like a massage followed by hand or mouth service.

One place that falls in between is Absolute Spa in the the nearly deserted Paradise Hotel. This is a sort of freelance hybrid place. Women show up and work. What they do is between them and the customers. Normally they get nude and shower the customer then take him to the bed for a massage and hand job happy ending. That is included in the price which start at 1390 Baht for a massage. All the sessions end short of the time promised. Some of the chicks want to make more so they offer blow jobs or full service in private for additional tips. Most of the chicks are pretty good looking. Sometimes there are only one or two women there. Sometimes many. This place also uses its Line account to talk to customers, show the women available and make bookings. Their Line ID is absolutespa. Their phone number is 089-559-2730.

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