Happy ending massage for women in Thailand

Today, I bring you the true tale of a married Thai woman who got a happy ending massage from a male masseur. Some people say prostitution is actually illegal in Thailand. If so, you’d never be able to tell. It goes on every day, all over the country. As you can see here, even a Thai woman who is married to a police officer might partake from time to time! This should help put to rest the notion that the only people who pay for sex are those who can’t get it for free.

Prostitution is huge in Thailand. Lots of Thai guys lose their virginity by paying a prostitute. Married guys regularly visit bars and brothels. Tons of foreigners visit the country primarily for the prostitution there. And as you will see here, even Thai women get involved in the industry!

Married but still very horny

I’m married to a police officer and I’m so addicted to sex that I wake my husband up every night to do me. There was a time when my desires for sex got so strong and I had nowhere to release them as my husband had to be away for work for a month. I was looking for something to help me relieve my sexual urges until I found this site where I got to know about erotic massage.

Thai wife pussy massage

After careful consideration, I contacted a male masseur and asked him for more information about the massage and how far he could go on me. We made an agreement that he would come to meet me by himself, but I had to pay for his transportation and accommodation since I didn’t live in Bangkok.

We met in a hotel where I already arranged the room. He didn’t look as good as his pictures but his friendliness did reduce my anxiety and shyness. We talked in a restaurant for a very long time and neither of us had have enough courage to start talking about the massage until I myself bluntly asked him whether I needed to take a shower first. He then said yes. Thus we entered the room.

Inside the room, I told him to take a shower because it was a long drive for him and I wanted to use this opportunity to sneak a peak at his body. At this point, it was a turn on.

My first erotic massage

He started the session by giving my legs a Thai massage. But in my opinion, I thought it was more or less like a kind of touch a guy does to arouse you. He then made me lie on my stomach and started rubbing oil on my legs. He kept rubbing and moving his hands near my butt. When he moved his hand to my back it became difficult because I still had my shirt on. He advised me to take my shirt off because it was stained with oil. In addition, my bra made it difficult for him to move his hand around.

So I allowed him to take my shirt and bra off. He then moved his hands around my armpits and I could feel his finger touching my breasts. I must admit that I was so aroused even though he hadn’t touched my private parts yet. At this point I just followed his instructions and did everything he told me to do. When his fingers accidentally brushed against my clitoris, I unconsciously moaned.

Things started to get more serious when he made me lie in a normal position with my nipples and my private part facing him. He started to massage my breasts. He also told me to close my eyes if I felt embarrassed. I then covered my face with a blanket and told him to do whatever he wanted. I trusted him. I could feel one of his hands squeezing my breast and his fingers bushing against my nipples. His other hand was touching my thigh and my clitoris. He was doing that for a while until he said we would enter the last stage. Right after he finished his sentence, he took my panties off.

A happy ending?

I was so shocked but I couldn’t stop myself so I stayed still with my face covered under a blanket. At first I thought he would start with his fingers to play with my private part but he didn’t. He used his tongue. He licked my pussy. It felt so good that I bent my body like a bridge. He was so good at it. He licked, sucked, and swirled his tongue over my cunt. He had been doing it for quite long until I reached the point of orgasm but he didn’t stop there. He asked me whether I want to reach my point one more time or have real sex. I nodded my head as a yes. I couldn’t control myself. I still covered my face with a blanket but I could hear him putting a condom on.

He put his penis inside my vagina. He removed the blanket and asked whether I felt good. He proceeded to kiss me and fuck me repeatedly. I couldn’t help it and I moaned very loud.

That day we fucked until we ran out of one whole box of condoms. I felt terribly guilty and embarrassed when I put my clothes back on. I wanted to walk away as fast as I could and never thought of it again. This happened a month ago and I still haven’t contacted that masseur again.

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