Heaven Above was one of the best go go bars in Thailand

All of the go go bars in Thailand are currently closed. At least officially. It is a sad time in the world for more reasons than that. I am using this time to reflect on all that I miss. One of those things in Heaven Above. Perhaps I took the place for granted after a while. I used to go there at least 10 times a year. But in the last few years I have only been there once or twice. That’s a shame since Heaven Above was one of the best go go bars in Thailand.

I talked above Heaven Above all the way back in 2014 when I posted a list of the five best go go bars in Pattaya. I updated the list again in 2019. But that list would look a lot different today. Not only because of all the changes in the world in general and Pattaya particularly. But because some of those bars go better while others got a lot worse. Heaven Above was going strong until the end though. And it’s sort of going strong even now.

Staying alive!

What do I mean? Well whoever is in charge of Heaven Above continues to post pictures and updates on social media. They are also doing regular live cam shows so people stuck outside of Thailand can at least watch the chicks dance. Of course you are expected to drop some tips if you are watching. But there’s no law that says you have to. I realize these chicks are just trying to survive so I am not above setting them a few satang.

hot chicks at heaven above

Instead of just giving up, these chicks show up for a live broadcast every day in their bikinis. So they are trying to make an honest living, no matter what some fat nasty bitch in a church basement might think about it. I actually find it inspiring believe it or not.

Don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone

Furthermore, I am happy to see a couple of the cute smiling faces I recognize in some of those live streams. Like that one bisexual chick I always buy drinks for even though I have never bothered to fuck her. It might not be as good as the best Asian cam sites but it is fun to see them jumping around like maniacs. I also like the costumes and small bikinis. What can I say? I am a sucker for happy-go-lucky Thai chicks who bounce around without a care in the world.

That is precisely why I shouldn’t have taken Heaven Above for granted. I could walk up those stairs on any given night and instantly be surrounded by a bunch of naked Thai women laughing and having a good time. That is more than most men can say in this day and age. And it’s got to be worth something.

I never even mentioned Heaven Above in my post on the hands-on go go bars of Pattaya. But I probably should have. While I’ve never gotten my dick removed from my pants in the place I have had plenty of contact. I can’t even count the number of times I had a nice tight topless Thai chick sitting on my lap at this place. It’s like second nature.

Even the waitresses and mamasans at Heaven Above were always nice and fun. They smile as much as the dancers and joke even more. And not once was I ever pressured to buy a drink, drop a tip or bar fine a woman. That kind of crap is common on Walking Street nowadays. But not at Heaven Above.

When I get to heaven

But when I did want to spend some close up quality time with any dancer at Heaven Above I was always glad to know that they there was a short time hotel just out the door. No need to fight through the tourist hordes on Walking Street or battle with the cut throat motorbike taxis at the end of the road. Just pop right into those nearby rooms and there you have it.

I had it many times. And I wouldn’t mind having it again now. Unfortunately, I am currently quite far from Pattaya. Last time I was there I remember finding a bunch of flaws with the place and thinking it was going to shit. But now I am starting to miss it. The same way you might miss your hometown even though you grew up around a bunch of assholes. When you go back you might change your mind. But while you remain away you think it wasn’t all that bad.

As I said the bars are all closed now. A lot of the chicks of Pattaya went home. Maybe even most of them. I haven’t been there since 2020. Reports on the ground sound rough. I also hear all kinds of rumors that the place is going to reopen as soon as next week. But I have been hearing those same rumors for 15 months. A lot of the girls I am in contact with tell me the same thing. That’s why so many of them just went home.

If and when the city reopens we will see if the bars reopen too. Some people would probably be happier if they didn’t. But I am not one of those people. I hope Heaven Above can hang on and weather the storm. If only because I want to be back in there on the vinyl seats with two of those hot Thai chicks rubbing on both sides of my body again. Can you blame me?

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