How Thai whores survived the lockdown

You’ve heard it all before. In fact you’re actually living through it yourself. We’ve reached a point in history where the great depression meets the Spanish Flu and everything turns to shit. Well not everything, but a lot of go go bars have disappeared. For a while there wasn’t much happening at all.

Thailand is a particularly notable part of the world when it comes to this for a couple of reasons. One is that I spend a lot of time in the country and have a special interest in Thai chicks. Another is that hundreds of thousands of women in the country are prostitutes of one kind or another. Thailand is also bound up with tourism and exports heavily so a global shut down has major repercussions.

What do hundreds of thousands of prostitutes do when they can’t turn tricks to make a Baht? I don’t know about every single one of them. I only keep in contact with a handful of Thai hookers though their cases can illustrate how they weather the storm. At the very least it should make for interesting reading. So here’s the story of how some Thai chicks make it without making it.

The big titty Bangkok MILF

The first case I will examine is a curvy Thai with gigantic tits. She’s a MILF in every meaning of the word, but you actually wouldn’t even know she had a kid if she didn’t tell you. Her big full sweater puppies don’t sag in the least and there isn’t a stretch mark to be found anywhere on her body. I am pretty good at judging these things but I gotta say she has a great body.

Anyway this chick works at one of the smaller Phrom Phong massage parlors. Or at least she did before the new coronavirus came along. I keep in occasional touch with her because she usually likes to visit me in my room when I am in Bangkok. Sometimes I just like to blow and go, but this woman has a body to behold so I always take my time. We’ve had a lot of sessions and they’re always over an hour of pure passion.

no farang no satang

So about a week after the city goes into lockdown she sent me a message asking if I was around. She wanted to meet. She didn’t mention money but when I asked how she was doing in that regard she started pouring out her heart and saying she had no work and no money. According to her she wouldn’t have enough money to make it another week, and she wondered how her son at home would eat. I didn’t reply.

A few hours after complaining to me that she had no money and didn’t how she would support herself or her son she uploaded pictures of her drinking a bunch of beer and having a Thai style buffet laid out on the floor on another app. So now you understand how a chick with so many customers could end up without enough savings to last a week. Easy come easy go I guess.

The blowjob bar babes

There are two Thai blowjob bar chicks I know well and keep in touch with. The one even sent me a selfie of her giving head once because she wanted to show me the massive dong she was working on. The guy was like the great white Mandingo. The next pic was taken by the customer and clearly showed she had his entire rod down her throat seconds later. Nuts deep! So now you know why I have her on my contacts list. She actually enjoys sucking cock and taking on a challenge.

When it comes to BJ bars the word “babe” can be used loosely at best in most scenarios. But both of these chicks are actually good looking. The one above has white skin, a pretty face and a good body with pretty big tits for a Thai. The other is younger, never had a kid, and has huge tits for a Thai. Now you know why I keep in touch with her.

I contacted the second chick early into the lockdown. I was wondering how she was making out. She told me she was back in home in Isan with her family. There was no work so she was just riding out the storm. I told her to send me some titty pics. I got one with no face. Then no messages for almost two months. Then she said “hi.” I answered and asked how are you? She wrote “I am okay. Still at home.” She looks healthy in the pic and her tits held up. So there’s that.

The other chick also went back to Isan where she started selling chicken skewers. She didn’t message me for weeks. In late May she sent me a message asking if I could send her some money. I asked what she would do for me. She said she’d send nude pics and videos. Having seen her in every and all position I passed. I just sent her a message right now asking how she was. She said “I am fine, I miss you.” So she seems alright.

Your Thai girlfriend

Finally I have to mention your Thai girlfriend. Now she might not be your girlfriend specifically but she is playing some guys in the west who send her money regularly and get nothing in return. I already wrote about this chick and others like her in my post “how to find out if your Thai girlfriend is a whore.” Different guys have different definitions of whores. I think the term describes women who sell sex or otherwise use their body in a sexual manner to make money. So let’s go with that.

The particular chick I am talking about here is a 19 year Thai babe with a smoking hot body. She never worked in a bar. She went to school instead but she obviously realized it is easier to get guys to send her money than do other work. I have fucked her many times without paying. So she likes to meet guys for sex too. Most chicks are like that. It’s why you see Thai go go dancers getting picked up by their boyfriends after they work.

Anyway, this chick is up in small town Isan but she still seems to be having the time of her life. I see pictures of her with friends, having parties, eating big layouts of food and drinking lots of beer. Occasionally she posts a selfie in a skin tight bikini or dress too. You know to keep the guys on the line.

I asked her how she was doing about midway through May. She said she was good but she missed me. We did a video call. She looked great. I asked her to get naked she laughed and said no because she had family around. A few hours later I said send me a naked selfie. She did. That was great. Then I asked if she needed any financial help to get through the lockdown. She said she didn’t, because she already had a boyfriend and another “male friend” taking care of her.

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