How to date and have sex with Thai women

Time really flies. I wrote about dating and having sex with Filipinas more than two years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday though. I planned to write about Thai chicks in a similar way immediately afterward, but more important stuff like actually having sex got in the way. Well, better late than never! Here’s how to date and have sex with Thai women.

Thai chicks aren’t the easiest to get into bed as a general rule. Despite what people think, Thailand is a pretty conservative country at least in terms of appearances. A lot of love goes on in the darkness of night but there isn’t a huge open dating and friends with benefits scene. You have to dig for it.

Dating Thai university students

Thailand is a bigger country than it may appear. There are millions of people in the country. There are also many significant cities and it can takes hours and hours to move between them. Most foreigners go to Bangkok or one of the tourist oriented cities like Pattaya or Phuket. People who end up in smaller cities usually know something about Thailand and might not bother reading this kind of post.

Pay for Play in Pattaya and Phuket

In Pattaya or Phuket it is actually pretty tough to find a regular chick. Women from around the country flock to these cities for work and money. A lot of them are looking for foreigners to bone in exchange for some cold hard cash. So bars and clubs like Flexx are usually packed with professionals and part timers who definitely want money. I don’t have a problem with pay for play but that’s not the point of this post. When guys do pay chicks from dates and pick ups the rates aren’t much different than a lot of shops charge. A normal gift would be anywhere from 1000 Baht to 5000 Baht depending on the chick and how long she stays with the guy. That’s pretty much the norm throughout the country.

If you want to date or try to do a free one night stand in Pattaya or Phuket without paying the best options are women working mainstream jobs like those in restaurants and malls. Most of them can’t speak English and many show an actual distaste towards foreigners (probably because of some of the stuff they’ve seen) but it is possible to pick a chick up. It just takes some effort.

Finding Babes in Bangkok

Approaching strangers isn’t as weird in Thailand as it is in America or some other countries but the art of nanpa isn’t widely practiced. Cold pick ups in general can be tough in Thailand, though it is easier in Bangkok than anywhere else. In areas of the city like Sukhumvit or Silom there are women who are either used to dealing with foreigners or at least more open to meet with them. There are even some who actively go out and look for farang to bang. I knew at least two chicks who would go to backpack areas and look for guys to do them. Even though neither was well off they didn’t want money. They were just looking for fun.

Dating Sites and Apps

Dating sites and apps work better than anything else in the land of the smiles. There are many to chose from. Along with Tinder there are Skout, Badoo and my favorite, Thai Friendly. Thai Friendly charges a few dollars for useful options but its totally worth the investment. It’s filled with chicks and it is organized and easy to search and work with. The free site Date In Asia doesn’t seem to work so well in Thailand anymore.

Oddly enough, some Thai chicks also use the Hangout section of the Couchsurfing website to find guys. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea.

These sites work best in Bangkok and smaller cities like Chiang Mai. Some women on sites like Thai Friendly and even Tinder are looking for marriage but they usually come right out and say it in their profiles. Others are looking for boyfriends or just friends and fun. In cities like Pattaya the sites and apps are always filled with working women and ladyboys. There are some regular chicks but it takes work to find them.

Meeting Chicks in Chiang Mai

The best nightclub action in the country in terms of picking up chicks is in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai has places like Zoe in Yellow and Warm Up Cafe. A lot of western chicks go to Zoe in Yellow along with some regular Thai chicks and some freelancers looking to make money. Warm Up Cafe is more tuned in to locals and has more regular Thai chicks. In Bangkok the best clubs for guys looking for action are Levels and Insanity. They draw a collection of locals and international people. Some professionals and freelancers are definitely in the mix but regular chicks including some looking to get lucky also show up in good numbers. Check out this post on dating and hooking up in Chiang Mai for more detailed information.

Thai Women are Hot!

There are tons of chicks in Thailand. Many look good. Because of this I don’t see a need to mess around, at least in the big cities. There are enough chicks that I can find what I am looking for. If I want fun and a chick doesn’t, I don’t need to lie to her just to get something out of her. I just move on to the next chick. Being straightforward has pretty good results whether I’m looking for a quick fling or more extended dating in Bangkok. It’s not a place where a guy needs to lie though plenty still do.

Romance works too. Thai women have a definite soft spot for sweet talkers though some will call out guys for being “pak wan” (sweet mouth). Different strokes for different folks.

Ultimately, online dating is the best bet in my view. It gives access to hundreds of thousands of women with a minimal investment. There’s no need to run around in the heat or waste time when I can look at tons of profiles from the comfort of my room or a coffee shop.

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