How to find bisexual and lesbian prostitutes in Thailand

Thailand is world famous for prostitution. Even though some people want to promote it for beautiful beaches or temples the fact is that a sizeable chunk of people that visit Thailand go there to meet women. There are millions of women in Thailand. There are about a quarter million prostitutes. These are facts and they are widely known.

If you’re an anti-sex weirdo you probably imagine hoards of bald fat sex tourists descending on Bangkok. But the truth is that a lot of younger guys fully capable of regular intersex relations visit Thailand and have sex with women there too. And so do lots of women! That’s right, everything from single straight women with curiosity to dedicated lesbian couples visit Thailand too. And some of them even have sex with the locals.

Since so many of the locals pay for sex I don’t see this as any major crime. Of course I don’t stay up at night clutching my pearls either. Instead I watch copious amounts of Thai porn or go out looking for Thai women to date or have sex with. Even when I do visit a temple I usually spend more time looking at the women there than the architecture. Sue me.

Finding girl friendly Thai sex workers

There are lots of girl friendly Thai sex workers out there. What I mean is women who sell sex and are willing to play with other women. I am not necessarily talking about the Thai hookers that will do MFF threesomes with other Thai hookers either. Because that is most of them. You can literally roll into any sexy bar, brothel or go go in Thailand and find two women to have sex with you if you are a man. But what if you are a woman, a male female couple, or a couple of women?

Thai ass

Now this may sound either stupid or self-explanatory. But probably the easiest and most effective way of finding bisexual and lesbian prostitutes in Thailand is simply to ask around. I don’t mean that you should go into a 7 Eleven or bus station asking strangers for lezzie boom boom. But when in Rome you can act like the Romans.

For example I have been to both Bangkok and Pattaya with women I was either dating or in a sexual relationship of some kind with. If and when the chicks I was with were interested in having sex with other women I would simply go the spots with the best odds.

My experience with woman on woman sex work

To be specific, I have walked down Soi 6 in Pattaya with a chick before. I stopped at any bar where the women showed interest. A couple times no women showed interest probably because they thought the chick with me might get angry or jealous. In those cases we just sat down in a bar with many women and asked if any of them liked girls. That always brought all the carpet munchers right to the forefront. A few thousand baht later and we were all having fun in the short time rooms upstairs. That easy!

I have also walked right up to Bangkok blowjob bars with female friends before. I simply asked if anyone could take care of the girl. Usually at least one of the chicks would. In the few cases they wouldn’t we either moved on or I got sucked off by two chicks while my friend watched. Either way it was fun. At least for me!

Another option is to go to the places where sex is sold as a service. One example is the soapy massage parlors of Pattaya. The women working in those soapies do sex massage for a set amount of money and that’s that. They don’t care if the customer is a handsome young Frenchman, a fat old American or a lesbian couple from Timbuktu. Or even if they do care they still offer the service for the same price anyway. That’s why you see so many Indian and Arab dudes going to those places after they get rejected entry to go go bars and other bars and clubs.

The moral of the story is there are lots of bisexual, lesbian and let’s say “woman friendly” women in Thailand. That includes a decent percentage of the prostitutes. On top of them there are lots of women who will work with whoever pays them. So there is no shortage of sex service providers for women or couples in the land of smiles. It’s not even that out of the norm these days. So there isn’t much to be shy or ashamed about. At least not from my perspective as a free human being in a material world.

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