I fucked a Thai nurse

I have been traveling the world for quite a while. I might settle down in a place for a few months. But eventually I move on. That doesn’t mean I move in a straight line. I do a lot of circling back. Especially to countries I enjoy visiting. Thailand is just such a country. The main reason I like it is that I like Thai chicks. I have fucked a lot of women in Thailand. Once I even fucked a Thai nurse.

Well I have actually fucked a few Thai nurses. Or least nurses in training. But I met them all outside of the medical setting. Usually on dating sites like Thai Friendly. The Thai nurse I am talking about today was working as a nurse when I met her. I went into a hospital with an illness and came out with her contact information.

From there it wasn’t long until I was over my illness and fucking her doggy style. It was one of my most memorable sex sessions too. Not only because of the way I met her. But also because she had what I am still convinced was one of the greatest asses of all time. This is how it went down.

How sexy are Thai nurses?

In most of the world these days nurses are pretty plain looking. They wear scrubs, do-rags and face masks. In the case of America those scrubs are probably size 5XL. But Thailand is different. You do have your working nurses in scrubs. But even they usually put on makeup and do their hair.

Then there are the front end nurses in Thailand. They can be really hot. They dress like western nurses did in the 1950’s with tight skirts and those little pin on hats. I also think that the hospitals select for good looks just like the airlines in Korea. That makes a visit to the doctor a lot more pleasurable!

thailand nurse

Believe it or not but this is not the first time I had a Thai nurse flirt with me. This isn’t just something that is going on in my head either. Because a few times I got the nurse’s phone number or Line contact info and kept talking to them later. It doesn’t always go well though. I already wrote about the nurse who told her friend I was getting an STD test. That was pretty lame.

Now I don’t want to pretend that Thailand is totally sexually obsessed and like living in a full time porno. Sure you can walk past the 7 Eleven and get head at a blowjob bar. But in every day life things are usually pretty uneventful. Especially in a hospital or medical setting. Unless of course you are getting diagnosed with incurable gonorrhea.

Here’s the story of how I fucked this lady

So here is how it happened. I was on Thailand a couple of years ago when I came down with a cold or maybe something a little worse like the flu. I didn’t feel well for a few days. But it was nothing serious. Now normally I would just ride this out. I know what a viral infection is like. In most cases you just rest and drink lots of fluids while your body fights it off. But I was actually staying with this Thai chick I met at the time who was incredibly annoying. She kept insisting I go to the hospital. So I finally relented and went if only to get away from the nagging.

So I went to the biggest local hospital. I was masked up as is the norm for sick people in Asia but most of the staff was not. Remember this was a couple of years ago before everything changed. I checked in with a nurse behind a glass window, got a number and sat down. Then this other nurse came out of a side door. She was very pretty. On the short side but with her tight blue skirt stretched out to the max. It wasn’t until she called my name and told me to follow that I realized that was because she was packing a spectacular butt.

Even though this chick was hot I didn’t do much but follow at first. Remember I was sick. But she was really chatting with me a lot. Especially after she realized I could speak her language. Instead of dropping me off in the exam room as they might normally do she sat down and kept talking with me. Then as sweet as could be she checked my forehead with the back of her hand just like mom used to do. Then she held my hand and said something like “don’t worry we will take care of you.”

I was instantly hooked. I asked for her Line info and she actually took my phone and typed it in herself. Meanwhile I am sitting there with a snot nose and fever behind a mask. I almost thought I was hallucinating. I am sure stuff like this happens back home but I sure seem to experience a lot more of it over in Asia.

The doctor turned out to be a nincompoop who told me it was probably a virus, tried to give me sleeping pills, then sent me home. I went back and told the girl I was staying with I was right. And that she was even dumber than the doctor. Then I went to stay in an AirBNB. A week later I was fully recovered thanks to a lot of water, Thai congee and my immune system. I chatted with the nurse the whole time. We ended up dating and having a lot of really romantic sex. It was like making love. And I was in love with her ass. But I wasn’t looking for a relationship. So she eventually got upset, had a crying fit and disappeared from my life. Looking back I probably should have married her. But there are too many more Thai women to fuck. Maybe even another nurse.

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