I fucked my Thai taxi driver

Today I am going to tell you about the time I fucked my Thai taxi driver. Now before you ask this was not one of the burly Thai guys that drives the colorful cabs in Bangkok. Nor was it any Thai guy at all. The Thai taxi driver I fucked was a decent looking middle aged woman. I probably wouldn’t have even approached her in any other situation. But I spent 2 hours in a car with her and one thing led to another. I have to admit it was nice to be fucking a taxi in Thailand for once. Usually it is the other way around.

Now I know all about Grab and before that Uber. I have been using them for years in Thailand. I very rarely hail a taxi off the street at all anymore. Very occasionally I might negotiate a trip in advance with a stationary cab. Like if I plan to go from Pattaya to Bangkok in the morning. But I set all the prices and standards before hand so there are no surprises. Occasionally I get a female driver. There seem to be more of them with Grab than any other kind of cab. I am nice, cordial and respectful. I realize they are just people trying to make a living. So I don’t act like an asshole.

How I become a VIP by spending Baht

When I fly in to Thailand things are different. In the old days I would stand in the terrible long immigration lines then go stand in another terrible long line at the taxi stand. But for the last several years I have been flying in first or business class and setting up fast pass service for my landing. With this someone comes right out and meets me at my plane gate. Then they walk me around the line and right up to immigration. For a few thousand more Baht they will also set up a car and driver to take me where I need to go. This is nice when I fly into Bangkok but plan to stay in Pattaya.

The best thing about this is that they use luxury vehicles. They have comfortable seats, tinted windows, air conditioners and professional drivers. I don’t know how many times I got into some hot stinky taxi with a broken air conditioner and crazy driver in the old days. This is so much better and it doesn’t even cost that much more. I would never want to go back to the old dangerous days.

Thailand highway

Most of the time I get a guy in a cheap suit to drive me. They don’t say much and I like it that way. I put in my headphones, listen to an audiobook, and look out the window at the passing scenery while dreaming of wet snapper on my way to Pattaya.

But this one particular time I had a middle aged woman driving me. Not the friendly chubby lesbian that picked me up a few times before. But a totally new woman who for some reason was actually wearing yoga pants and a t shirt instead of the standard off the rack business clothes. I have a feeling that someone did something behind the scenes. Like maybe the chick who picked me up at the gate called her friend to drive me and cut some kind of deal to keep cash for herself. I don’t actually know though. Nor do I care.

How the chatty cabbie got my cock inside her

Not only was this driver dressed differently than all the others. She acted differently too. She went right through the usual small talk and then just kept on talking. I never even got to put my headphones in. I didn’t mind though. I got to practice my Thai and she actually spoke English better than most Thai people I have met. So we were able to converse pretty easily. It turned out she was shacked up with an English dude for a while. But then he fucked her sister and she threw him out.

She was one of those “independent type” ladies. She took care of herself, worked, worked out, and paid for all her own stuff. With her own effort she bought a car and a small row house. That is somewhat impressive. But I was more impressed by her pretty smile and confidence. Well, that and her firm ass that really filled out the yoga pants nicely. To be honest we just conversed like regular people at least until the halfway point. That’s the rest area where the taxis always stop to use the toilet.

I went over to the Starbucks to get a drink. Normally you just meet your driver back at the car. But this chick asked where I was going then followed me there. No problem! I offered to buy her a drink but she bought her own. We sat down and drank a little and talked more personally. It was a lot more like flirting at this point with her saying she couldn’t believe I didn’t have a girlfriend. I guess she didn’t notice I was a scum bag going to Pattaya, and certainly not to see the Rubber Farm.

Eventually we got back in the car. She invited me to sit in the front seat. I did and we kept on talking. It seemed more like a drive with a girlfriend than a hired driver at this point. So as we approached my hotel in Pattaya I asked her if she wanted to go get some dinner with me. Surprisingly she said now. I was actually shocked seeing how things were going. But I didn’t care. Because I was literally around the corner from a bunch of blowjob bars. She wished me farewell and that was that. Until later that night when she messaged me on Line.

She had my contact info from when she picked me up in the airport. Thais use Line for everything so it’s normal. But I didn’t expect her to message me that night. She asked how my stay was going. I told her it was fine. I asked where she was. She said home. I asked where that was, and she sent me the location. At first I was puzzled. But two minutes later my brain kicked in to function and I said “okay I am coming to see you.” She wrote back saying “Ok see you soon.” This is the kind of weird stuff that I don’t try to explain. I just go with the flow. So I walked to the road, flagged down a motorcycle taxi, and directed him to the lady’s townhouse over around the dark side.

It took about 10 minutes to get there since the guy drove like a fucking nut. I messaged first before trying to find the exact house and said “I am here.” She wrote “oh really?” Then a door opened. She was wearing night clothes and her makeup was gone. But she still didn’t look bad. Ten years ago I might say she was average. These days I’d say better than average since people keep getting fatter. At least she was fit. And I mean super fit with a firm stomach and everything.

We ended up sitting on her couch, drinking and talking for a couple of hours. It was nice. Eventually I moved in and started kissing her. I went down on her and her shaved hole was nice and clean so I spent a good amount of time down there. Her head skills couldn’t compete with the blowjob pros in town but I didn’t mind. I put on a condom and fucked her. I already shot two loads that day but I managed to get a third out even with the rubber. It was decent but nothing special and there isn’t much else to say about it. More notable was how we met. So that’s why I am writing about it here.

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