I fucked your Thai girlfriend

I’ve got bad news for a couple of guys in America and Europe who send money to Thai chicks every month: I fucked your girlfriend. Please believe me when I say that it wasn’t something I went out of my way to do. But it happened more than once. I’m definitely not the only guy who fucked them either. This might hit you hard, but it’s always better to know, right?

Anyone who has read my post on dating Thai girls or simply been to the land of smiles knows how easy it can be to meet and hookup with Thai chicks. Sadly for guys who live abroad but think they have faithful girlfriends back in Thailand, getting “committed” chicks in bed can be just as easy. At times, it seems like it is even easier.

I am not a scumbag. At least not when it comes to this sort of thing. So please don’t think that I went out of my way to knowingly do another man’s girl. In pretty much every case I only found out about the guys in distant lands sending money after my dick was already inside of the chicks.

Why send money to Thai chicks?

For those reading this who don’t financially support women in Thailand, you might be confused about this. You might wonder why a guy who willingly send money to a woman he barely knows in Thailand while getting little to nothing in return. Instead of explaining all that here, I will simply refer you to my previous writing on whore support.

cheated on meme

The fact is that there are more than a few guys who send money to women in Thailand on a regular basis. I guess they have their own reasons for doing it. And hey, maybe some of the chicks are actually sitting home and being faithful in thanks for the free money. But from what I’ve seen and experienced, a lot of them are not.

More than a few times I’ve found out that a Thai chick I was banging was receiving money from a guy in some other country. And I’m not even counting all the bar chicks and massage girls who I’ve seen messaging unwitting dudes stuff like, “don’t worry darling I not work bar I at my sister home” just before they hop on my cock for a ride.

Caught in the act

The most recent time was just a few weeks ago and that inspired me to write this. I went to a random small Thai city on a whim. The second day there I met a nineteen year old nursing student with a great little body on Thai Friendly. She spoke English very well and actually didn’t like that I could understand Thai, which is probably a bad sign. Still she met me and ended up going to my room in a matter of hours. It was only after I blew my load all over her perky little brown tits that she started telling me more about her life.

Apparently she met some old dude online when she was eighteen. He flew to Thailand to meet her. She went to stay with him down in Bangkok. He bought her a bunch of gold and a brand new iPhone. But she said “he was just too old” so she freaked out and left him in the middle of the second night. The guy told her he understood and wasn’t mad. Then he said he still loved her and wanted to support her. She said she “felt bad” but her family convinced her to take his monthly payments of about $2000 in American money to help the siblings and pay her own way through college. Sound crazy? For me it was nothing out of the norm. I’ve been hearing shit like this and worse in Thailand for years.

Sometimes it might be more innocent, but no less annoying. Like the time a Thai chick I was dating brought a friend along for a night out. I paid for the drinks and food, which really didn’t add up to much. The next night we went out again, this time to a more expensive place. The friend showed up and started ordering all sorts of food and drinks. I was starting to get annoyed and the Thai chick I was with must have noticed. She told me not to worry. She said the friend just got money from “some bald American” via Western Union and so she wanted to pay for everything this time. As the night went on I found out that the chick, who wasn’t even a bar girl, was gaming three or four guys into sending her at least a thousand US dollars each per month. She would give them sob stories about her hard life and poor family. Then she basically went out and blew it all on drinks, getting her nails done, and other stupid shit like that.

If you’re one of the guys mentioned above I hope you will consider what you are doing. At the end of the day it’s your money. You can do whatever you want with it. By why not save it up and go to Thailand in person? Then you can actually meet and have sex with chicks in the flesh. Ask yourself what you actually get out of sending money to a chick half way around the world. Then make your own decision. Just don’t get made at me if I end up fucking your Thai girlfriend. Because she was pretty sexy, and she even slipped me her number when the girl I was with went to the toilet. Sorry some bald American.

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