Is Thailand still good for guys?

For decades Thailand was basically the most famous place in the world for sex. I guess it still is. The only places that ever had the same kind of notoriety were the Philippines and maybe Japan. But the Philippines is kind of a place that just happens to have horny chicks and some bars mixed in with the chaos. It never had a huge scene like you find in Pattaya or Bangkok. And Japan is most famous for porno and weird kinks, since most of the prostitutes don’t take foreigners anyway.

But lately there has been a lot of talk in the bars and on the internet about how far downhill Thailand has gone. The older the guy, the worse they claim it has gotten. I am not so old. I first visited Thailand just ten years ago. Yet I can’t say I disagree with the old dudes at all. Thailand still has more easily available prostitutes than probably any other country around. But it is definitely not what it used to be.

No I am not talking about the fun stuff like rats and roaches, strange smells, piles of garbage, or the food poisoning so many people get in Thailand. That’s all pretty much been unchanged for years. Maybe the traffic and air quality is getting worse, but frankly who can tell? I am just talking about the sex.

Dating Thai women

It’s definitely harder to date Thai women that it used to be. I have seen the decline first hand over the years. The thing is that it’s still so easy to hookup with Thai chicks when compared to the West that newbies don’t even imagine it ever could have been better. Well friends, it was. And if you want a taste of how it used to be try leaving the major cities and heading out into places where we farang are still a rare breed.

beautiful beach in Thailand

More to the point, the chicks aren’t as hot as they used to be. Again this is an issue where new guys can get confused. They leave the west with its huge corn fed land whales and show up in Thailand. They’re amazed to be in a city like Bangkok where “only” half of the women are obese. Or they arrive elsewhere in the country with even greener pastures as “just” forty percent of chicks are overweight. For them, this looks like some miraculous heaven of slim beauties. But not so much for guys like me who came ten years ago when obesity was a lot less common. I can only imagine how it looks for the guys who came in the 1990’s when obesity was at one percent.

What about working women?

Some things are based on opinion like service and attitude. They can be debated. But other things are observable fact. Like the above example of the obesity rates in Thailand. Or the frequency of tattoos, stretch marks, and saggy tits on stage in the go go bars.

I haven’t seen any scientific studies of those factors, yet. Luckily things have been preserved on video for future generations to do the research. Hell, we can even start today. All we have to do is look at Thai porn from five, ten, or twenty years ago and check out the bodies on the chicks. Then we can compare that to the women we see in the flesh in Thailand today. Unless you’re into BBW, baby damage, and heavy ink, you’ll probably notice a general decline.

The same goes for service. You used to get a much more cheerful greeting and better overall treatment from working women in Thailand. Nowadays it’s more likely to be mechanical and not so special. There are still some places like the nuru massage parlors where you’re more likely to get treated well. But the prices are around western levels, or even higher!

Paying more for less

Prices are pretty much going up everywhere in Thailand when it comes to sexual stuff. It’s kind of laughable, but the price of sex in Thailand is now higher than the price of sex in the West in many cases. With more people traveling internationally and talking online this is becoming even more obvious now than it was when I brought up the subject.

A while ago, some official famously claimed that people don’t go to Thailand or even Pattaya for sex. He said they go for “the nature.” I think it was right after a tourism minister said she wanted to turn Pattaya into a family resort. A lot of people laughed, but there have definitely been changes even if the quoted people had nothing to do with implementing them directly.

Guys are now dropping the equivalent of 200 American dollars or more for sex with average chicks on Walking Street in Pattaya. And that doesn’t even count the money they spend on drinks. When sex with a hot chick in a first world country like Germany goes for 25 percent of what it costs in Thailand, you start to wonder what’s going on. Well, there are a number of things. One has to do with the not so hot condition of the West versus the rise of the East. And that’s visible precisely in places like Walking Street where Asian guys can now outnumber the farang by a factor of ten. I guess for guys used to paying 300 bucks on a mediocre blowjob, two hundred for real sex must sound amazing. Especially if it’s the first time you’ve ever seen an entire street filled with prostitutes in bikinis calling you a handsome man.

A taste of the old Thailand

Of course there is still cheap sex in Thailand. And there are still tons of prostitutes all over the country. That’s why Thailand is still so well known for the sexy stuff. Even in the tourist towns like Pattaya you can find pretty cheap action if you look. But it’s not very glamorous to say the least. These days the hottest Thai chicks are milking dudes for money over the internet or doing Thai guys in the local clubs.

There are some places that still remind me of the old Thailand I once knew. Foremost in my mind might be the old school BJ bars in Bangkok. King Kong and Click on Soi 6 in Pattaya also sort of fit the mold. I like the gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya too, plus the prices aren’t bad even now.

The issue there is that most of the ladies working in the old places have been there since “the good old days”. Now I like a skilled suck job as much as the next guy. But not nearly as much when it is done by a women who looks she is sixty years old. And if you think I am exaggerating, go check out some of the old school bars in Patpong and see for yourself. I even saw a bartender with her huge boobs flapping in the breeze at a bar just off Sukhumvit recently who was at the very least in her fifties. Yet there was some guy there buying her drink after drink! So I guess some guys have a different opinion than me.

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