More slutty tattoos on Thai bar girls

A few months ago I wrote about the craziest tattoos on bar girls in Pattaya. As it turns out there are lots more tattoos on Thai bar girls and some of them are even crazier. Scroll down if you want to jump straight ahead to see slutty tattoos on Thai bar girls.

For whatever reason Pattaya seems to be ground zero for slutty tattoos on bar girls. Tons of chicks in the Bangkok bars are covered in tattoos now. Too many in fact! But not too many of them have any kind of wild tattoos saying stuff like “suck cock” or “fuck ass” that I’ve seen. The closest thing I’ve seen to that in Bangkok was a “welcome” sign tatted on a go go dancer’s ass. As far as I know, no one in the country has gone in for an asshole tattoo yet. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

A while back you used to see a lot of shitty tattoos on Filipinas. Usually it looked like the unprofessional hand done stuff with sewing needles or whatever that you’d expect to see on a 60 year old white guy from a biker gang who did a stint in prison. More recently some professional tattoos started showing up on chicks, even ones that didn’t work in a bar.

Good Filipina girls from the cities still wouldn’t get a tattoo. Their families would go crazy. Even in the gogo bars in Angeles City and Manila though there aren’t nearly as many tattoos as you see in Thailand. In Cambodia and Laos tattoos are pretty rare even on bar girls!

Tattoos in Thailand

Thailand has always been home to a tattoo type of culture. Those “lucky” Sak Yant tattoos have been showing up on Thai backs since before I was even born. A couple of twin tigers on the skin to go with some special strands of string around the wrists have long been a normal sight. Now a lot of totally unrelated tattoos are showing up on Thai chicks though, especially the ones that work in a bar.

You can see different kinds of shapes, bows, roses, fish, stars and scorpions all over the bodies of Thai dancers today. In some special cases you can also see shit that borders on an advertisement. I’m talking about slogans like “fuck me” in English splashed across a round brown ass.

Anyway, here are some pictures of slutty tattoos on Thai bar girls I’ve found. I have actually seen at least two of these women in person, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten to know any of them intimately. Thanks to the internet my vision has been expanded! I’m almost positive one of these chicks has been on a Thai porn site before. The “fuck ass” tattoo she sports is just too unique to belong to anyone else.

fuck ass Thai tattoo paradise

Thai fuck ass tattoo toy box

Thai fuck ass tattoo

Thai fuck ass tattoo wicked

Thai fuck ass tattoo street meat

If you’ll notice, a lot these pictures have the names of bars stamped right on them. I guess the owners realize these kind of unique tats can be a draw for guys who like to look before they leap. At least that’s what I think. A lot these chicks look to be from Soi 6 too.

I am not in the land of smiles right now but I’ll be tempted to keep an eye out for at least some of these chicks the next time I’m there. I would never marry a chick covered with tattoos. I probably wouldn’t even make a girlfriend out of one. For some reason though Thai chicks with slutty tattoos that say stuff like fuck me are kind of sexy though. Thankfully you don’t gotta put a ring on it just because you put your thing in it!

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