Nuru massage in Bangkok

There are a lot of great places to get a nuru massage in Bangkok these days. The overall scene in Bangkok has been in a sort of decline for a while. But the nuru massage action is better than it has ever been. It can be a little more expensive than a standard massage. But when it’s done right, I personally think it’s well worth the expensive.

At this point, some of the go go bar chicks in Nana Plaza are simply out of control. Let’s say you walk into a go go bar there, buy one drink, find a lady you like, buy one drink for her, pay her bar fine, pay for a short time room in Nana Plaza, throw in a box of condoms, then pay her for short time.

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You’ll be about $120 American money for maybe 30 minutes of mechanical sex. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to find a chick right off the bat. More than likely you’ll spend a lot more trolling the bar looking for a lady and avoiding the aggressive ladyboys.

You’ll also end up paying more if you wind up with a girl who thinks she’s a superstar. The worst part about it all is that there are less attractive women in the go go bars than I have ever seen going back ten years. So why bother? Especially when nuru massage is available.

Nuru massage in Bangkok

When you go to the good nuru massage parlors, they treat you right from beginning to end. You walk in to a peaceful environment with air conditioning. You get offered a cold drink. You select one of the attractive chicks from a line up. Then she guides you to a private room specially made for the massage action. Next she helps you take off your clothes and prepares the shower. You get washed top to bottom and in every crevice. Then you relax on a big air bed as she covers her body with slippery nuru lotion and slides all over your body.

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What comes after that depends on the chick, the place, and even you. In most nuru massage parlors you get a “round the world” included in the service. That means a blowie and a bang for you folks following along at home. There are some places that don’t include that, but since they’re not the best, I won’t talk about them here.

Best nuru massage in Bangkok

People have been doing nuru massage in Bangkok for years. Or at least they have claimed to do it. A lot of them just splash some random oil on your body and small their tits on your back. As fun as they sounds, it gets boring when you’re used to rolling around in bed with Asian chicks in their twenties.

A real nuru massage is something different. It’s a sensuous service. You lie back and relax while a chick covers every part of your body with lotion. And she uses every part of her body to apply it. There’s nothing quite like getting your back scrubbed with the short pubic patch of a hot Thai chick. You usually get rimmed too.

There are a few places doing genuine nuru massages these days. The places under Japanese influence seem to be the best in my experience. They are:

I listed the shops in order of quality from top to bottom. They’re all pretty good. And to a large degree it comes down to the actual chick doing the nuru massage. But more than that is involved. There is the matter of training and also the type of service offered for the money. I think Doki Doki does it best, but the others are all good too. These are the best of the best in Bangkok.

Nuru massage is standard in all of these places. But if you cheap out and get a 30 or 60 minute session, they might just jump right into the action and skip the nuru all together. I think that’s a shame. Because the nuru work is what these shops excel at.

Prices depend on the shop, how long long the session is, and in some places like Mitu even the “class” of the chick who does the massage. On the low end you’ll pay 3000 Baht at Doki Doki. On the high end you can pay close to 6000 Baht at Mitu Massage. The amount of money spent doesn’t seem to have much to do with the kind of service you get though. They’re all good. That’s why they’re here.

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