Oily massage parlors in Thailand

Thailand is often called the Land of Smiles. It could just as accurately be referred to as the land of massage parlors. The country is literally filled with them. Most of are the general type, offering an assortment of rudimentary rub downs to tourists or local Thai people. Many of the women working those shops will throw a happy ending in for a few extra Baht but it’s the not their raison d’etre. There are also some incredible certified massage parlors that offer Thai massages from people actually trained in the art. Oily massage parlors in Thailand are not the most common but they are the most amazing.

Massage parlors organized solely for the sensual pleasures are not as common but there are still hundreds or even thousands of them throughout the country. The biggest concentrations tend to be in the biggest cities including Bangkok and Pattaya. These massage parlors are usually classified as soapies or oilies. Some people divide the oilies further into “teen massage” but I don’t see the point of that since most parlors have women from 19 to 35 years old. Soapy massage parlors are large complexes with fishbowls filled with women that specialize in body slides and full service sex. I’ll talk about them in the future. Today, the topic of discussion is the more common oily massage parlor.

Oily massage parlors

Oilies look a lot like regular massage parlors except that they tend to have women in sexy outfits standing outside or in the lobby where they wait for male customers to find their way in. There are certain areas where they can be found easily like Sukhumvit Soi 24 in Bangkok but most people nowadays probably find some places online in advance of their visit.

Oily massage parlors usually open at around noon and close sometime around midnight. Each parlor has anywhere from 6 to 36 women on staff at any given time. Some parlors have websites. Others do not. Most of the shops that have websites don’t update them very often or don’t include pictures of all the women that work in them.

Bangkok bath massage babes

When you show up at an oily you’ll either be greeted by a mamasan or a cashier. Most parlors will show you a book with over airbrushed pictures of the women working. These pictures are usually heavily doctored. It’s better just to ask to see all of the women who are available. There should be no problem with this. If by some chance there was I would probably head out to one of the other oilies. Once the women line up you can chose the one (or two) you like.

Oilies usually have a menu of options like Thai massage, oil massage and nuru massage. The Thai massage is usually the cheapest option at 300 to 600 Baht. From there the prices go up. It doesn’t really make sense to chose anything but the cheapest option since the ladies working at oilies don’t know how to do massages anyway. Most won’t even attempt it. Instead they’ll get right into the erotic services.

Prices and options

A lot of people seem to be intrigued by the nuru option. Most of the women working oilies don’t know how to do this either. The place to get a nuru massage is Japan or if that’s not possible a soapy massage parlor. It’s not worth the expense elsewhere.

Thai oily massage

Most places will let you pay for your massage on the way out but increasingly it seems new faces are being asked to pay up front. If this happened to me I’d ask to pay on the way out but if that wasn’t possible I’d just pay then. It’s not that big of a deal.

Some places also combine the prices with the tip. If you see an oily massage parlor asking for 2000 Baht for an oil massage that means everything is included. This seems to be more common in Japanese owned parlors. Elsewhere the tips follow a standard schedule. A handjob is given for a 500 Baht tip. A bareback blowjob is given for a 1000 Baht tip. Full service with blowjob is given for 1500 Baht tip. If a profile in a photo book or website says “A level” that means the woman can do anal. That’s usually included with the 1500 Baht package but in a handful of places like Bamboo Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 8 an extra tip of 500 Baht may be required.

The happy ending

Tips don’t need to be discussed. Women working in oilies assume that every customer wants full service and is prepared to pay the going rate. They receive this money after the action unless the entire amount was given to the cashier up front. When I want lesser services I make this clear to the lady before anything goes down. They’re not always happy to get the smaller tip but they will oblige.

The rooms can be absolutely disgusting or as nice as a four star hotel. It just depends on the place. Oddly the places with the worst rooms tend to have the best service. Some of the newer places like A Touch of Class have nice rooms. It doesn’t really matter to me but some guys complain if the bed sheet isn’t spring fresh.

Most sessions follow the same pattern. You get naked, she gets naked, you shower or she showers you, then you move to the bed and do what you went to the place for. All massage parlors provide condoms. They’re usually standard rubbers from a company like Lifestyles. They also have lube. You can always bring your own rubbers though any additional items like a footlong double dildo are not welcome.

A normal session lasts an hour or less. You can pay for more time but there’s usually no need. Some women will give multiple shots but others will finish the session once you shoot. Some parlors have their own house policies that either allow multiple shots or forbid them.

After the erotic services are performed you shower again then get dressed and leave.

It’s as simple as that.

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