The last of the old school BJ bars in Bangkok

A guy once made a comment on one of my posts lamenting the disappearance of “all the hot fucking girls” from porn. That got me thinking of the BJ bars in Bangkok. Porn and blowjob bars. The two things might not seem to be connected. But if you can follow my thought pattern you will see that they kind of are.

Hot chicks with perfect bodies are now rarer in the Bangkok scene then they have ever been before. These days it’s all about “fuck my ass” tattoos stretched across big booties. You can still find some blemish free natural beauties. But you have to look a lot harder than you used to.

There are guys who have been around much longer than me. And they say the same things. But you don’t have to take my word for it or theirs either. If you take a look at the best Thai porn you can see just how hot Thai girls can be. Today’s stunner was yesterdays regular chick.

But what does that have to do with blowjob bars? Well they’ve also changed, and not necessarily for the better. There are more BJ bars in Bangkok now than there used to be. But there aren’t nearly as many of the raunchy old school blowjob bars that made these kinds of places popular to begin with!

Old school BJ bars in Bangkok

As far as I can tell, blowjob bars in Thailand started on a whim. Back in the good old days when all the farang bars were wild and free, things often went beyond lady drinks and “where you come from” questions. Some chicks started sucking customers off in the bars. It could have been a “taste test” or a way to make money. But eventually some bars started focusing on it. One even had chicks crawl under the bar and blow patrons while they downed frosty mugs of Singha.

Thai Suck Doll

So this seems to be how the old school BJ bars were born. Especially in Bangkok. Later some other bars came along. As they became more known and got internet coverage things became more sanitized. Sure you can still walk into to the newer places, drop your pants, get sucked off, then leave. And all for about thirty bucks. So the new places are cool too. But they aren’t as wild as the old school haunts. And only a few of those remain.

In my view, the last of the old school BJ bars in Bangkok are:

  • Star of Light
  • Rose Bar
  • Linda’s
  • Lolita’s

Three of these pars are in Patpong. This makes sense as it was one of the original red light districts in Bangkok. A lot of people write Patpong off and say it is no longer worth visiting. I disagree. I go to Patpong pretty often. And a big reason for that is the old school BJ bars like Star of Light, Rose Bar, and Linda’s.

Lolita’s is on Sukhumvit Soi 8. So it’s over in Lower Sukhumvit near most of the other action. I hesitated to call it old school. But it has been around for many years. And even though they use curtains, everyone is still in the same big room. So they deserve a spot on the old school list too.

Bangkok still blows

The best thing about the old school bars was that you could kick back and get serviced right from the comfort of your bar stool. And that’s still true in what remains of these historic landmarks of human ingenuity and proprietorship. There’s something so comforting about that. And I’ll enjoy it for as long as I can.

We can debate the cost of living and the virtues of being an expat in Southeast Asia. But being able to kick back and get blown in a bar for 800 Baht is something special. You might be able to find cheaper elsewhere. But the environment in these old shops is totally unique.

Kangaroo was another old school bar. It was right around Rose’s. But the word is that it closed. So that’s another old school bar gone down the drain. Not to mention all the crazy bars I’ve heard about that disappeared before I even got to Southeast Asia.

But fear not! The blowjob has certainly not gone out of fashion in the land of smiles. New blowjob shops open all the time. Some of them like 7-Heaven are more expensive, but they have hot chicks working the poles. So even though they’re not as cheap and wild as the places from way back, they are still very enjoyable.

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