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Anyone who has been to Bangkok knows that the city is filled with massage places. Sometimes it seems like there is at least one massage shop on every single block! Of course there are different kinds of places. You have traditional Thai massage, oily massage, soapy massage, fetish massage and nuru massage. There are even some outliers in between. What you get in these places depends on a lot of things: where you go, who does your massage, what you pay, and what you are looking for.

Picasso Massage is a nuru massage parlor on Soi 19. They have a bunch of really hot chicks who do full service. erotic lotion massage. This isn’t just a basic back rub followed by a happy ending. They have the complete setup to do real nuru play on air mattresses. For those who aren’t aware, nuru massage or “mat play” is super erotic. A naked chick covers her body in a clear slippery gel and slides all over your body. While I enjoy a regular massage on the regular, I really love nuru massage. Especially when it is done right. So I am definitely a fan of Picasso.

Picasso Soi 19 bangkok babes

But Picasso also has a full outcall service too. Which means I can call up and have a lady sent out to meet me in my room. This is a great convenience. Especially at the prices charged by Picasso. I really like for repeat visits with women I’ve already met in the flesh over at the shop. The best thing about this in my opinion is the ability to book in advance. So I can set something up and have a plan ready. For me it’s great to meet an old favorite right at my hotel or condo.

In my opinion the prices at Picasso Massage are totally fair. Especially when you compare them to some of the crazy rates at go go bars these days. You don’t have to pay for lady drinks, bar fines or hotels when you go to a massage parlor. Picasso is better maintained and kept cleaner than any short time hotel soon. So I get total comfort when I stop in for a session.

One thing that sets Picasso apart is tiered pricing. Don’t get me wrong, you see this in the big soapy massage parlors. But the places along Sukhumvit usually charge one universal fee. At Picasso the price depends on the “class” of lady being booked. They have silver, gold and platinum chicks. The higher you go up the class ladder, the bigger the price. So 40 minutes of full service massage with a silver class chick is 2100 Baht. The same session with a gold class chick is 3000 Baht.

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There’s about a thousand Baht difference on the outcall prices too. So 60 minutes outcall with a silver level lady is 2900 Baht. The same thing with a gold class lady is 3900 Baht. The chicks in the platinum class don’t do outcall.

When it comes to nuru massage the prices are the same all across the board though. There are a set of chicks at Picasso who are experts at nuru massage. The other chicks stick to the full service massage. So there is something for everybody. I love nuru massage but there times when I just want to get in a room with a hot Thai chick and unwind too.

For a one hour session that the 2000 to 3000 Baht range is right in the sweet spot for me. I find that is where I get the best combination of value and service. That’s definitely true at Picasso where they have always treated me very well. It’s one of the reasons why this place stays on my short list of the best massage parlors in Bangkok. A lot of times I even throw in the extra 300 Baht for a jacuzzi room so I can have a nice soak with a chick before we get down to it.

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Picasso is located right in a little alley on the side of Soi 19 around the corner from The Westin Grande Sukhumvit hotel and Terminal 21. This is a great hotel and the mall is a good place to cool off, eat some good food and pick up hot Thai chicks. So I spend a lot of time in the area. On Google maps, Picasso is labeled as Picasso S19. You can see that the place has really good user reviews there too, so I am not talking out of school.

In my opinion there are a lot of hot chicks working at Picasso. They don’t hire any grandmas or tough cookies covered in tattoos. I’m not a particularly thirsty kind of guy, but coincidentally Champagne and Soda are my two favorite service providers at the shop. In my experience they actually mix well together too.

I love the atmosphere at Picasso almost as much as I like the ladies there. It’s a nice peaceful place with clean rooms that are nice and quiet. Whenever I need a respite from the noise and smog of Bangkok I like to duck inside of Picasso on Soi 19 for a nice refresher course. I have never been disappointed in any of my multiple visits. In this town that is saying quite a lot.

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