Prostate massage in Bangkok

Thailand is well known for its naughty night life and related entertainment. There are more options than a single guy could pursue in a lifetime. After dozens of visits and long term stays I still discover new things all the time. For some guys the standard hotdog in a bun is enough. For others something more exciting is required. I don’t know what’s more exciting than getting a finger jammed up your ass during a massage.

Thai prostitute

Depending on who you ask, the prostate massage is either a medical procedure, a form of sex or an indicator of homosexual tendencies. I must admit that I’ve tried it a few times but it’s only actually felt good once or twice. I prefer getting my salad tossed. Apparently, lots of guys are either into prostate massage or the idea of having a digit in their dumper during a happy ending but don’t know where to find it. Here’s a list of places that offer it in Bangkok.


Anal is a service available at Analisa Massage. Get it? Even if you don’t get it now you can get it at Analisa Massage just off of Sukhumvit Soi 22. They offer prostate massage by hand and by toy for a reasonable rate. Their sister shops across the street and further out also offer this service and they even have some service providers who travel to homes and offices to dole out the special treatment. The cheapest option is 1300 Baht.

Akane Fashion Massage

Akane Fashion Massage has two locations. The women at the Akane Massage in Chitlom are famous for letting their fingers roam during the happy ending, which by house rules is limited to handjob or condom covered blowjob only. You can get a happy ending handy with a butt rub for only 720 Baht. In addition to getting your exit hole explored you also get a free drink of your choice!

Mistress Jaa

Mistress Jaa offers prostate massage along with a bunch of other services at her private dwelling or in a hotel. The rates are higher but she seems to be an expert in the ways of the fetish. The biggest problem is trying to book a session with her. I’ve attempted it two or three times to no avail. Maybe she didn’t like my email address.

The Eden Club

The women at the Eden Club on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 don’t specialize in prostate massage but almost all of them would be happy to shove a finger or a toy up the old shoot if that’s what you’re into. At Eden they specialize in getting guys off and they will abide by most reasonable and even some unreasonable requests. Sessions are a little more expensive and you have to take at least two women so if you don’t want to be watched while getting your nether regions explored this might not be the best option.


Finally there are all the ladyboys around Bangkok. A lot of them have “power” (which means they top) and would be more than happy to inspect your prostate with their dongs for the right price. Some of them will even do it for free. Ladyboys can be found in streets like Sukumvit Soi 4, in ladyboy go go bars like Cockatoos on Soi Cowboy, Temptations in Nana Plaza and King’s Club in Patpong. There are also some ladyboys in the massage parlors like Mantra on Sukhumvit Road between Soi 5 and Soi 7 too. I once sawone blow a load there on a whim but I guess that’s for another post.

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