Prostitutes on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok

In a past post I wrote about African prostitutes in Bangkok. I mentioned that they work Sukhumvit Road and some of the roads that connect to it like Soi Nana and Soi 11. The topic of Thai prostitutes on Sukhumvit Road also came up, but I didn’t really get into it. Today I will do just that.

Sukhumvit Road is basically the main drag in Bangkok. I mean it’s a big city and there are lots of neighborhoods, but the key location is pretty much along Sukhumvit. The streets that come off of Sukhumvut are all numbered and in order. The odd numbered streets are on the north side. So they go Soi 3, Soi 3/1, Soi 5, Soi 7, Soi 7/1 (home to Dr BJ’s), etc. On the other side of Sukhumvit the roads have even numbers. So they go Soi 4 (also called Soi Nana because it’s home to the Nana Entertainment Plaza go go bar center), Soi 6, Soi 8, Soi 10, etc.

Sukhumvit freelancers

There are a lot of prostitutes on Sukhumvit and the Sukhumvit Sois. They can be found almost every hour of the day. Some people say prostitution is legal in Thailand and others say it isn’t. I don’t know the Thai laws but what I do know is that there are a lot of Bangkok street whores and most of them work the stroll between Soi Nana and Terminal 21 in plain view of a lot of cops. So the reality is that the whole thing is accepted at the very least.

As I said there are a lot of Africans in the mix. They usually hang out on Soi Nana, Soi 11 and the north side of Sukhumvit around Nana Station. You can’t really miss them. They wear short skirts with their tits and asses hanging out and call out to single dudes.

Thai street hooker

There are also a lot of ladyboys walking the streets. You most commonly see them on Soi Nana and on Sukhumvit down around Terminal 21. There are ladyboys who aren’t hooking for sure, but they don’t tend to stand around for hours calling out to dudes who walk past.

There are a lot of ladyboy bars including many ladyboy go go bars in Nana Plaza that seem to grow in number every year. Why don’t the ladyboys sell their ass out of those bars where they can get close to a hundred bucks for a fuck? Why don’t they find guys online or work an escort agency? You’d have to ask them.

What’s up with the street walkers?

You’d have to ask the many women who work the street the same question. You can find a mix of Thai, Lao and Cambodian ladies in the same areas. The real women, meaning those born with pussies, usually hang out in front of Nana Plaza on Soi Nana, on Soi 11, or along the north side of Sukhumvit Road between Soi 3 and Asok Road.

Some people street walkers are more likely to be diseased, crazy or criminal. I don’t know what that’s based on. It might be true in places like America or Germany. Hell, it might even be true in Thailand. I think a lot of them just want to get money fast on their own terms.

They are just as likely to know the deal as anyone else in the game, and they could only do wrong if given the opportunity. For example, neither a bar girl or a street walker could steal money from a guy who keeps it locked in his hotel safe. Unless they have safe cracking skills that is. I have seen Bangkok go go bar chicks open a bottle of beer with their pussies but if they can open safes with their twats that would be news to me!

The main benefit for guys who take chicks out of bars is that they can go back to the bar and complain if they have a problem, but that doesn’t necessarily work out anyway. A lot of times a bar won’t do anything to help a customer. Or they’ll try and the chick will disappear. Anyone who has hung around with bar girls has heard stories of bar girls stealing phones and money from each other then disappearing to another bar, or another city.

So there could be problems with anyone really. At the end of the day guys are bringing strangers into their rooms. That said there is relatively little shit that goes down in Thailand even though millions of dudes are there every year taking chicks out of bars, off of websites and from Sukhumvit Road.

Who, what, where, and how much?

Usually guys make it out alive. The chicks know the deal. They carry ID cards showing that they are adults so they can go into hotel rooms. A lot of them hang out in the same places all the time too.

Of course there are no menus with set prices on a hoe stroll, so it’s all negotiable. There is a market though and basic market rates that most people more or less follow. The funny thing is that the African chicks and the ladyboys usually want the most money. I’ve heard guys pay up to 4000 or even 5000 Baht to Africans and ladyboys they pick up on Sukhumvit. That’s big money for a street hooker in Thailand. A more usual rate for the women on the same stroll is between 500 and 1000 Baht, or 15 to 30 bucks in American money. Honestly the 500 Baht bang is a lot more rare than it used to be, but you can believe that it still goes down.

You get a whole variety of women on Sukhumvit. There aren’t too many super hot nineteen year olds hanging out, but sometimes you’ll be surprised at what you find. If there is an average though it is mostly middle aged Thai women who have already had several kids. You’ll find some other odd stuff too, from pregnant chicks to deaf chicks to Cambodians who snuck over the border to bang dudes for money.

Like I said earlier, there are prostitutes on Sukhumvit Road around the clock but the evening to about one in the morning is when you see the most. During the off hours, like in the early morning and the middle of the day, the hookers usually dry up with the exception of a popular haunt in front of a Starbucks and McDonald’s on the north side of Sukhumvit between Soi 3/1 and Soi 5.

There are also a lot of older and most chubby chicks and manly ladyboys who work Soi 3 targeting the many Arab dudes who hang around there. Some of them chill right in front of the Arab restaurants every day of the week.

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